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a short ad in a newspaper or magazine (usually in small print) and appearing along with other ads of the same type

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I recently tried to buy one by contacting a person who had posted a classified advertisement but the deal fell through because of the high price quoted by him," he said.
News assumes the statements made in classified advertisements are accurate, but cannot investigate the statements and assumes no responsibility or liability concerning their content.
Each vertical has unique requirements for a classified advertisement, and with our next-generation solution, advertisers now have the flexibility to design their ads according to the needs of the market.
A recent classified advertisement that ran online in the Daily Bruin, UCLA's student newspaper, read: ``We are seeking women who have blue-green eyes, are under the age of 29, SAT 1300+, physically fit .
John Swanton is remaining as Advertisement Manager, Trudy Rose is remaining as Classified Advertisement Manager, and I am very definitely remaining as Editor.
Users can drag-and-drop photos of any size, format and dimension from their hard drives into "image wells" within a classified advertisement submission page.
It was sadly amusing to look at the final issue of Audio and see a letter complaining of editorial vulgarity and a letter from a cable marketer who tried to use an old rhetorical trick to slip one right past the readers--and they just went right ahead and printed it, without comment, giving this fellow in essence a free classified advertisement.
But Kevin McCourt, NAA's Director of Real Estate Advertising and Online Classifieds, says that although the classified advertisement market has become more competitive, newspapers are still in the game.
corporations are expected to spend more than $10 million annually placing some type of classified advertisement in online magazines.
There, the court will be asked to decide whether a publisher is ultimately - and financially - responsible for the long-range consequences of a criminal plot hatched by two men who met through a classified advertisement.
The online classified advertisement services sector has been increasingly exploited as a phishing attack vector by ecrime gangs, a trend confirmed by the growth of attacks abusing classified companies in the first half of 2010, accounting for 6.
You may place a classified advertisement in newspapers or websites, or hire a property dealer in your locality.
Keeping in mind the time constraints that advertisers often face, and to minimise their driving time, the leading English and Arabic dailies from the house of MPPH have started online classified advertisement booking service.
Recently the company expanded its classified advertisement distribution potentials by offering a service to post adverts to over 200 free classified advertisement companies online as well as to a large number of social bookmarking sites.
When you phone up to place a classified advertisement in the Examiner, you are not dealing with faceless keyboard operatives, but a department of highly talented individuals.
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