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a short ad in a newspaper or magazine (usually in small print) and appearing along with other ads of the same type

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WorksForWeb classified ads software scripts are professional, attractive and SEO-friendly.
The earnings increase was carried by all three operating segments, with Classified Ad Models making the greatest contribution.
Travellers are able to search for products and services via categories, location or keyword and can post classified ads based on the same set of categories.
Advertisers now have the ability to effectively manage their print and online classified ad campaigns through a single online console.
iPIX's Rimfire with our technology is a logical step for our company, and classified ads with pictures is an attractive option for newspapers and advertisers.
In classified ads, Furby owners offered to part with the interactive toy for $75 to $175 each.
based free classified ad magazine, which has been in circulation for over thirty-seven years.
A Tennessee weekly is responding to the economic collapse with one helpful move: free classified ads for unemployed residents.
The Norwegian media group Schibsted ASA said on Friday (5 December) that the Swedish company Finnmer AB, a company controlled by Schibsted's subsidiary Aftonbladet Hierta AB, had acquired the classified ad service Blocket AB for SEK183m.
Employers then pay for a classified ad giving them access to the contact information of resumes that match their ad.
It's one of rock's most enduring myths, but the Melody Maker classified ad still brings results.
Classified ad revenue declines continued to hammer publishers as the first of the April results reports came in last week.
Mexican authorities came across the classified ad connection when parents complained their kids had gone on vacation to the U.
TICKLE ME ELMO, mint, in box, $900, firm,'' read a classified ad in Wednesday's edition of the Daily News.
Until AmericanListed, classified ad sites really focused on larger metro areas and maybe a few cities within each state," said AmericanListed.