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make classic or classical


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Despite the sharp rise in building density, the architecture and planning of the Garbatella continued to foster successfully a sense of community, while the decoration preserved its individuality and regional characteristics, exemplified by the Barocchetto and the classicizing Scuola Romana.
Goritz's academy, and other similar institutions, embodied those classicizing impulses utterly characteristic of the Italian Renaissance, which found direct reflection in their vital artistic, literary, and musical programs.
He finds that reactions varied greatly, often with little coherent or developed theology; some authors, like Prokopios, still embraced classicizing views of the epidemic's causes.
In these chapters, the artistic foundations explored in Parts I and II are expanded upon, first with the grand classicizing tendencies of Trajan and the deliberate classical references by Hadrian, and then with the gradual emergence of anti-classical styles within the imperial and elite ranks of artistic production, seen from chapter thirteen on.
24) where Konrad Krebs's elaborate ribbed vaults for the innovative staircase (1533-37) are juxtaposed with his adjoining portal in the form of a classicizing triumphal arch.
Coltman rightly identifies this as a truly remarkable memorial, which she then goes on to eonceptualise as 'a form of luxury sculptural monument executed in the classicizing traditioN, a pleasingly Piranesiesque analogy that ticks all the boxes without any real meaning.
Unlike strategies used by later artists to fetishize the black body as a sexual object in Eurocentric classicizing guises, Van Vechten's photographs provide a playful focus on both racial and interracial themes.
What makes the Lives of the Poets so fascinating as criticism, however, is the deep unease that Johnson's classicizing principles inspire.
A more unified national style developed in the 17th century, in part due to the establishment in 1648 of the French Royal Academy (Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture), where the influence of Nicolas Poussin gave rise to a cool and classicizing Baroque idiom.
This recurring deletion of and distancing from the Crucifixion, present in the studies for Antigone, indicate that, for Rothko, the finished, classicizing image of Antigone functioned as a site of displacement, repression, or substitution for his Jewishness.
Therefore, Williams's choice of Phillida to mask (and masque) Phyllis Jones is not a naive classicizing of her name.
Such collections continued to be made long into the Byzantine era, including the secularly classicizing Cycle of Agathias (ca.
in an introduction which is as deft as it is dense, readers have been provided with an authoritative account of his intellectual formation in the household of Cardinal Bessarion, his association with Georgios Trapezuntios and his immersion in the classicizing culture of mid-century Rome and Florence, his return to Castile in 1453 as the fall of Constantinople was followed by the death of Alvaro de Luna, and his political ups and downs over the next forty years.
Leitner suppresses the Villa's classicizing composition, including the difficult axialities and tectonic order, and seeks to elevate the design attitude to a protominimalism, despite Wittgenstein's own acknowledgement shortly before his death to his sister: 'Yesterday I thought (.
His classicizing of the tango was universally reviled, a national rejection replete with muggings, death threats, and media blackballing.