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make classic or classical


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Signac and Matisse, as cases in point, deeply admired Puvis and reworked his classicized pastorals in keeping with their own aesthetic and social agendas.
Watney also owned Frederick Leighton's powerful classicized painting Flaming June suggests that she had enough personal good taste to know that Whistler's work should not be destroyed by her decorators.
While Leland's interpretation of Chaucer's career marked the pinnacle of his posthumous reputation as a humanist laureate, the 1598 and 1602 editions of Chaucer's Works, partially edited by Thomas Speght (Spenser's close contemporary at Cambridge), marked a watershed in the authorization of Chaucer as the father-figure of a classicized vernacular canon.
James classicized the Latin of his Paris manuscript: our editors now preserve the distinctively Merovingian features of this manuscript's late Latin.
In it we see the unfortunate Martin Marprelate ulcerated, executed, and worst of all, classicized.
The theme of violence and its deflection to others that H develops here reinforces for him his general theory of the changing status of participants in sacrifice - now warrior, now priest - a status frozen in the later, classicized ritual.
In the present selection the translators retrace imaginatively Caraion's agonistic imagery but deliberately sacrifice his ironic use of classicized prosody in favor of a freer form.
The paintings of the late 1970s and '80s, classicized both by their names--Goethe, Iliam, Leandro--and, in some cases, by Twombly's introduction of polymer paints, which gave the canvases a Renaissance feel of Venetian glazes, seem as far as possible from the fallen status of the readymade.
For every gesture towards consolidating African American musical aesthetics, such as Lee Morgan's blues-inflected trumpet solo on Art Blakey's jazz-spiritual "Moanin' " (1958), there was a complementary embrace of aesthetics construed as European or European American, such as Miles Davis' Birth of the Cool sessions (1949-50), which featured an integrated band performing classicized arrangements under the direction of Gil Evans.
Buruma presents a veritable menagerie of Anglophiles: Goethe, who revered Shakespeare as a "Gothic," Nordic, and above all un-French genius, but classicized him thoroughly in his Weimar productions; Prince Hermann von Puckler-Muskau, who spread the Continental mania for the "natural" English garden-park (as opposed to the formal French variety); Theodor Herzl, who envisioned a new society in which every Jew could be just like an English gentleman; and Pierre, Baron dc Coubertin, the organizer of the first modern Olympic Games, who believed that his country's pride and vigor could be restored after the Franco-Prussian War through a program of pedagogie sportive a l'Anglais, and who upon visiting Rugby College dropped to his knees on the hallowed tomb of Thomas Arnold.
iv, Florence's favorite enterprise, war, is being classicized into bellum instead of the medieval guerra as preferred earlier).