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an artistic person who adheres to classicism

a student of ancient Greek and Latin

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The book is, however, also an introduction to narratology for classicists, providing a survey of major narratological concepts with illustrations.
After nine years, Anthony Dowell, the finest male classicist British ballet had ever produced, was the popular choice to take over the company.
Germany had already a tradition of an at times semi-covert scholarship going back well over a century before Dover, culminating in the lengthy section on the classical world in Magnus Hirschfeld's magisterial The Homosexuality of Men and Women and in the numerous writings of Hans Licht (pseudonym of the classicist Paul Brandt) on Greek pederasty.
In compiling the book's eleven essays on sex, procreation, and marriage in premodern Europe, McClanan and Encarnacion have recognized the multiple approaches to material culture that each academic field has developed by including work by art historians, archaeologists, classicists, and historians of science.
Instead of idealizing them, as the classicists advocated, he painted their imperfections, investing them with uniqueness and content.
Given that this thesis amounts to a wholesale indictment of the way contemporary philosophy professors teach ancient philosophy, it is not surprising that this thesis has generated more discussion among theologians interested in forms of spiritual life and classicists interested in ancient institutions than among those professionally trained in ancient philosophy.
Don't knock the modernists -they're the classicists of tomorrow.
Potters represented range from classicists such as Bernard Leach and Lucie Rie to recent experimental and expressive works by Peter Voulkos, Viola Frey, Beatrice Wood and Tony Cragg.
Classicists and historians tend to portray the ancient Greeks as high-minded theoreticians who eschewed practical, hands-on investigation.
A Columbia University research group involving computer scientists, environmental engineers, archaeologists, art historians, classicists and preservationists is developing new computer modeling techniques that promise to open historic structures and archaeological sites to more visually detailed, accurate and efficient examination.
In this first English translation for 90 years, emeriti classicists Yardely (U.
Classicists should be willing to help if they are asked but have no proprietary rights over the functional idiolect of modern scientific Latin whose users can use whatever pronunciation they find conducive to communication.
Several of the points Randles raises have long since been elucidated in the classical and medieval volume of the History of Cartography (mentioned only as a source for an illustration) and since then more fully in the contributions of new groups of classicists and medievalists interested in cartography.
He has taught mathematics and economics there which gives his book a different slant to earlier histories, predominantly written by clergymen and classicists.
This flaw is carefully avoided by the studies contained in Hubbard's Greek Love Reconsidered, a collection of brief essays by four classicists.