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Synonyms for classicist

an artistic person who adheres to classicism

a student of ancient Greek and Latin

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For non-classicists, this is an astounding work of criticism since narratologists as a rule have not been following classical studies closely and therefore will tend to be duly impressed with the mass and quality of criticism in classicist narratology.
To make the Valentine Eve action sweatier, English r&b classicist James Hunter opens the show.
In this magnificently illustrated book, Terry is correctly identified as a Radical Classicist, who uses a rich and infinitely adaptable language of architecture (as opposed to the monosyllabic grunts favoured by his enemies), and is capable of the utmost sensitivity, as in his remodelling of the Church of St Helen, Bishopsgate, London, following the damage it sustained after two explosions caused by the IRA in 1992-3: it was a commission that Terry himself said gave him more satisfaction than any other, and the robust Classical doorcase in the west wall of the south transept demonstrates the radicalism to which Watkin refers in his apt title.
Extell Development has commissioned famed classicist John Simpson who is best known for designing the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace to design The Stanhope residences and interior finishes.
The great German classicist Wilamowitz said his style was "the harmonious expression of an Attic soul.
Germany had already a tradition of an at times semi-covert scholarship going back well over a century before Dover, culminating in the lengthy section on the classical world in Magnus Hirschfeld's magisterial The Homosexuality of Men and Women and in the numerous writings of Hans Licht (pseudonym of the classicist Paul Brandt) on Greek pederasty.
A classicist and farmer in California, Hanson kept at it everyday through that momentous fall, ultimately publishing his thoughts and pieces in a small but highly influential book entitled An, Autumn of War.
The scale items are categorized by use of a test key that corresponds to four philosophical approaches to teaching: (a) executive (manager), (b) humanist (facilitator), (c) classicist (subject expert), or (d) informationist (interpreter/technologist).
In fact, his great love was the legendary Danish Erik Bruhn, director of the Royal Swedish Ballet--a classicist whose pristine style was ice to Nureyev's fire.
So let's talk about Victor Davis Hanson, the classicist and author of The Western Way of War, The Soul of Battle, and other popular military histories.
Luce, a classicist at Trinity College in Dublin, carefully retranslated first-century writings by the geographer Strabo that describe the landing site's position relative to Troy.
I know now that I believe only In what is impossible & without value In the everyday world, the way the sketched scarlet Smoke at sunset in Selinunte meant nothing To the ancient Classicist bent above his shards,
Joining Hoover as winners of National Humanities Medals in 2006 are Fouad Ajami, Middle Eastern studies scholar, Washington, District of Columbia James Buchanan, economist, Fairfax, Virginia Nickolas Davatzes, historian, Wilton, Connecticut Robert Fagles, translator and classicist, Princeton, New Jersey Mary Lefkowitz, classicist, Wellesley, Massachusetts Bernard Lewis, Middle Eastern studies scholar, Princeton, New Jersey Mark Noll, historian of religion, Notre Dame, Indiana Meryle Secrest, biographer, Washington, District of Columbia Kevin Starr, historian, San Francisco, California
TV's Kirstie Allsopp's advice to Mary Beard about the content of a lecture the Cambridge classicist is soon to deliver.
It has to be outed, I am not going to be terrorised" TV historian and classicist Mary Beard who identified a Twitter "troll" who abused her on line.