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Synonyms for classical


Synonyms for classical

characterized by enduring excellence, appeal, and importance

Synonyms for classical

traditional genre of music conforming to an established form and appealing to critical interest and developed musical taste

of or relating to the most highly developed stage of an earlier civilisation and its culture


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of recognized authority or excellence

(language) having the form used by ancient standard authors

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of or pertaining to or characteristic of the ancient Greek and Roman cultures

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I R I D E S S E will be recognized as the world's new cultured pearl authority and as the pre-eminent showcase for pearl jewelry for every woman for every occasion -- from the everyday casual to the classically formal.
He was classically trained, and he danced first with ABT II, then with Joffrey II.
The building's classically designed lobby is finished with striking appointments, rich Douglas Fir wood paneling, Stucco Veneziano walls and exquisite terrazzo floors and limestone borders.
Classically designed with an aluminum alloy exterior and a leather-grained rubber facade, the Optio750Z delivers high-precision imaging with 7.
Inspired by the popular children's books written by Ludwig Bemelmans, choreographer Francis Patrelle created the work specifically for the troupe of classically trained dancers ages 8-18 that performs under the direction of Mia Klinger Welch.
Gregory, a classically trained maestro and instrument designer, has given up on the old system of guitar construction.
The 55-seat establishment will serve traditional Thai food for lunch and dinner in a classically Thai environment.
The ex-punk, classically outlandish Clark gave Trevitt a superb solo to music of Erik Satie, titled Satie Stud.
Classically trained on clarinet at Arizona State University, Pinson has performed with the Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra, Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra and Glendale Community Orchestra.
That time, nine senior Costa Rican students and one classically trained, professional modern dancer flew to Montreal for two weeks of rehearsals.
Sleazy and degrading as the B-movie business often is, however, Springer - a classically trained composer who co-directed ``Nudity'' with documentary and episodic television director Johanna Demetrakas - makes the whole scene seem more demoralizing than you suspect it actually is.
Flindt's eclectic choreography is classically based with strong parallels with the work of Bob Fosse and Gower Champion.
But long before he came to Hollywood, Lugosi - who was born Bela Blasko in October 1882, later taking his stage name from his hometown of Lugos, Hungary - was a classically trained actor in his native country.
Ballethnic is a classically trained, culturally diverse ballet company that blends traditional ballet with the artistic influences of other ethnic cultures.