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the artistic style of ancient Greek art with its emphasis on proportion and harmony

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Edmund not be tampered with, he says, but new churches should also be built in classical style, because it is "multi-valent," that is, it expresses both the transcendent and immanent aspects of the faith.
In her use of spolia (sculptural and architectural pieces removed from their original context and reused anew) and her gifted artisans' re-creation of conscious 'forgeries' in the classical style, her sense of past was both absent - these spolia were surrogates for things lost - yet present in their physical creation of something new.
As last year's NIST experiment shows, single atoms can sometimes behave in a quantum mechanical way, as well as in the classical style that most experiments portray.
It was the Hellenistic sculptors who first subverted the classical style by introducing a more violent or fanciful subjectivity, which was sometimes expressed in portrayals of the grotesque and the ugly.
The decor, by Bent Severin & Associates, the renowned San Francisco interior designers, is in a sophisticated European classical style.
A spokeswoman for the Official Charts Company said: "Classic Quadrophenia will be treated like any other album of contemporary music recorded in a classical style.
The building is typical of the Victorian classical style from the mid-19th century before English Gothic became the preferred style for public buildings.
He examines its origins as a metaphor for the classical style temple, its incorporation in structures built over the span of a couple centuries, and its decline in modern times as a legacy of the past that need not encumber the future.
Diagnostic Ibrahim Maalouf Although we might start out with graceful Western European grand piano and an almost classical style, the moment the trumpet enters in track two clearly we have moved southeast.
More than pounds 100,000 has been spent refurbishing the building which is built in a classical style and comprises ground and four upper floors.
With an attractive attended lobby consisting of polished marble and bronze, limestone facade, bronze elevator doors and state of the art security system, this property delicately combines both modern technologies with classical style architecture.
The property is built in the classical style and is complete with Grecian-style pillars at the front, a copper roof and a sweeping double staircase.
Energetic original music in a classical style complete with wit and flair, reflecting the musicality of the Bolshoi.
But it did not stop Dame Shirley, 68, from criticising Charlotte, 19, for turning away from the classical style.