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a student of ancient Greek and Latin


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The classical scholar Junius is treated by the editor himself ("Hadrianus Junius' Animadversa and His Methods of Scholarship").
The New Street building is an important part of Birmingham's history and it was where in addition to Tolkien, Francis Galton, explorer, anthropologist and eugenicist, Edward Burne-Jones, artist and designer, Enoch Powell, politician and classical scholar, all famous sons of Birmingham, and Field Marshall Slim were also educated.
She's bored and frustrated by her life as a Victorian young lady, while he desperately wants to be a classical scholar.
And if there is any left over, I buy food', classical scholar Desiderius Erasmus once said.
Upon returning to England, he distinguished himself as a classical scholar at University College, Oxford.
Though it is our hope that Classics and Comics will appeal to a range of audiences," he writes, "our target demographic is the capeless classical scholar.
In a clear narrative, classical scholar Robin Waterfield captures the continuing high drama that gave rise to half the states between the Indus and the Nile.
These include: the Archbishop William Laud; William Howard, 1st Viscount Stafford; the Leveller John Lilburne; and, most notably, Oliver Cromwell, portrayed as so stern and forbidding that he was mistaken for Peter the Great by the great classical scholar Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-68).
A Harvard Classical scholar, who had covered Hitler's rise to power before the outbreak of war for an American newspaper, Fry returned to New York and dedicated himself to raising funds to help persecuted Jews escape to America.
He was fiercely intelligent, a fine classical scholar, but so at sea in the late 20th century, so naive, that he awoke previouslyunknown maternal instincts in half the pupils.
One appealing feature of many ancient writers, as classical scholar Geoffrey Hawthorn recently observed, is their comparative lack of partisan passion.
The aura that surrounded the poet, critic, and philosopher Viacheslav Ivanov as doyen of St Petersburg's most famous salon of the 1900s and 1910s may appear to be poles apart from the circle that formed around the classical scholar Sir Maurice Bowra as Oxford's greatest wit of the 1920s and 1930s.
James Jope, an independent classical scholar, maintains a website at jjope.
The son of a calligrapher and classical scholar in Korea, Do-jun studied economics at the university level but continued working as a calligrapher.
Her conviction proved to be true, and sometime between 1549 and 1550 Olympia married the German medical student Andreas Grunthler, a classical scholar in his own right.
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