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June derived its name from Juno, the Roman queen of the gods in classical mythology, who was goddess of marriage and fertility and patron of wives.
Paul Lewis-Smith, for his part, examines the origins of "El casamiento enganoso" in classical mythology, specifically the story of Circe and Odysseus, and argues that such classical allusions serve as critical commentary on early modern Spanish society, a commentary that anticipates Spains later tradition of tremendismo.
Graves reinforces how odd Classical Mythology may seem for contemporary readers and agrees with the previous concept that mythology is taken by contemporary audiences as not true, that is, as a fictitious narrative.
The landscape is contemporary, and yet is pinned on a dot-to-dot of classical mythology.
of New Mexico) illustrates how the rhetorical concept of a female god is important to major mid-century Victorian women writers who revised Christian and classical mythology to create alternative myths that challenge nineteenth-century gender politics.
Echoing her last name, we learn from classical mythology that a naiad is a water nymph.
The opening scenes seem to require a grasp of classical mythology, with Stephen Dedalus taking the role of Telemachus and Molly Bloom appearing in the guise of the Sirens.
Marshall, are interested in the ways in which comics and classical mythology or "the Classics" intersect, and they acknowledge that this is a book intended for "the capeless classical scholar" (5).
Whether Orpheus ever lived other than in Greek mythology, his fame as a musician, a poet, a prophet, and the man who tried to bring his wife Eurydice back from Hades has flourished through European civilisation's love of Classical mythology long after other gods and goddesses have passed their sell-by date.
Somehow she has made it wonderfully easy to accept the odd juxtaposition of classical mythology with a contemporary, if stylised, beach holiday.
Genealogy of the Pagan Gods is a monumental work providing teachers of classical mythology with new material and varied ways to explain the prevalence of interest in the mythology of antiquity.
And there are allusions to history, classical mythology and literature.
style team competition in which players answer questions about Classical mythology, Roman history, ancient culture, and Latin grammar and vocabulary.
Archetypes crowd Beckmann's paintingsfigures from Classical mythology, figures that should be from Classical mythology, generic kings, harlequins, people in masks and so on.
As he constantly shifts between themes, places, and historical periods, Quignard often seems to be free-associating, which produces an erudite hodgepodge of historical and literary anecdotes, fragments from classical mythology, excerpts from the lives of religious saints and martyrs, grotesque tales of sex and death, and hauntingly melancholy accounts of lost love.