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At the beginning of his career, Vermeer painted a few pictures with subjects taken from the Bible and classical mythology.
Chyna, a fan of author Wally Lamb, holds I Know This Much is True, and The Rock holds A Treasury of Classical Mythology.
of California, Santa Barbara) has done a terrific job of revealing the pervasive nature of classical mythology in western consciousness as well as culture, with a discussion of the critical importance of Greek myth to Freud, the often explicit misogyny of the tales, the complex personas of the gods and heroes, and the central importance of context, selection and presentation in portraying the stories in ancient times.
He is also the creator of the magnificent "Monument to World Peace: Union of the World" sculpture, which is today the largest bronze sculpture of Classical Mythology in the world.
The more familiar image of Dorat as reader and commentator of classical mythology is the subject of articles by Francesco Tissoni (on Dorat's use of Nonno di Panopoli's Dionisiache), Philip Ford (on the sources of Homeric allegory used by the author of the Mythologicum), and Laurence Pradelle (on the notion of integumentum).
It was not long before the factory's name was famous far and wide because of their fine wares so beautifully decorated, often with European landscapes, classical mythology, hunting scenes and flowers.
Ideas were taken from European prints, classical mythology and Christian Canon and mixed together happily in a rather delicious salad.
IN CLASSICAL mythology, the Three Graces were those goddesses who bestowed beauty and charm on the world.
Learned references, winks to the cognoscenti, such as unmarked quotations of Mallarme's "sonnet en yx," the presence of paintings from classical mythology that classical buffs will recognize as representing tales of love and death, and the insertion of various pieces of classical music that mysteriously emanate from car radios but might be read as commentary on the story can add to the pleasure of the reading as the reader congratulates himself on his own sophistication at the discovery.
Like Heliodorus, Hopkins incorporates classical mythology into her novel as a means of situating herself within a high-culture literary tradition, but given her gender and race, this legacy is more attenuated.
The bulk of our allusions come from the Bible, classical mythology, English folklore, Shakespeare, novelists such as Dickens or Trollope, children's stories and certain artists.
Other contributors to this field are unjustly neglected: the bibliography is rather selective as regards materials published in languages other than French, and there are some notable gaps, including Barbara Nolan's Chaucer and the Tradition of the `Roman Antique' 1992), and Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinki's Reading Myth: Classical Mythology and its Interpretations in Medieval French Literature (1997), both of which contain important discussions of Eneas.
The much anticipated exhibition examines the impact of the film "Star Wars" on world culture of the late 20th century and how the George Lucas film trilogy has touched people of all ages through its use of classical mythology.
The original dysfunctional family; classical mythology for the new millennium.