classical mechanics

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the branch of mechanics based on Newton's laws of motion

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in classical mechanics and field theory, which enables one to find the dynamic equations of particles by proper choice of L or L.
In other words, Gibbs' statistical mechanics permitted him to derive the first and second laws of thermodynamics from the laws of classical mechanics, if a statistical approach was adopted.
I was all too happy to do that because relativity really was cool while classical mechanics seemed dull and Ill, less.
By contrast, quantum bits, the minimum units for quantum computers, follow the laws of quantum mechanics instead of classical mechanics.
Starting with the basics, Fayer simply explains quantum theory in contrast with classical mechanics and how it relates to our everyday experiences.
We now know that even the basic precepts of classical mechanics are profoundly incorrect.
This link, of course, is meant in logical sense: there exists the common mathematical core between classical mechanics, theory of automatic control and theory of measurement devices.
In 1678, Sir Isaac Newton published the pioneering treatise Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, describing universal gravitation and the three laws of motion, and laying the groundwork for classical mechanics.
Mukhopadhyay states that classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, information mechanics and causal mechanics are mechanics in their own rights, independent but interconnected, and are ontologically governed by the mechanics of consciousness.
Teaching everything from upper-level classical mechanics to an introductory astronomy class for nonscience majors, O'Donoghue's passion permeates her teaching whether she's manipulating quadratic equations or explaining the weather conditions that gave rise to Hurricane Katrina.
I was able to find examples in superhero comic books of the correct descriptions of basic physical principles for a wide range of topics, including classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and even quantum physics.
In the case of the development of classical mechanics, the authors conclude that one should not focus on an individual's "discoveries" but on "a collective process of constructing a new body of knowledge that made his activities meaningful" (131).
That of physics is oriented to classical applied physics in curses of general physics, thermodynamics theory, thermotechnics, classical mechanics (statics/dynamics being stated directly from Newton's laws in mechanics with brief introductory guides to rational Lagrangian formulation and quantum mechanics), electromagnetic and electrical engineering.
Marxian ritual invocations of control and commodification, shrouded in a fog of conspiracy, proceed ultimately from misapplied classical mechanics.
To emulate the classical mechanics of physics found in space on full-scale replica spacecraft on Earth requires not only a hefty amount of air to 'float' the object, but a precision, frictionless, large surface area that will allow researchers to replicate the effects of inertia on man-made objects in space.