classical conditioning

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conditioning that pairs a neutral stimulus with a stimulus that evokes a reflex

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With classical conditioning, the environment operates on the dog, triggering a response as a result of a prior association between two stimuli in the dog's experience.
For phobias that have developed as a result of classical conditioning, treatment often involves learning relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety by lowering heart rate and blood pressure - strategies that would increase the likelihood of fainting for needle phobics who experience a vasovagal response
The second explanation of how learning took place was an expansion of classical conditioning where the dog had to do something in response to a stimulus to get a reward.
Twitmyer, working independently of Pavlov, discovered classical conditioning at approximately the same time as the Russian physiologist, who is given credit for this achievement (Coon, 1982; Windholz, 1986).
Of course, this theoretical argument does not mean that classical conditioning could not explain some laboratory-based phenomenon related to this form of conditioning, but rather that it is unlikely to be a valid explanation of the "real world" phenomenon.
Dr Saliha Afridi, a Dubai-based clinical psychologist said: "This is a simple, classical conditioning method where a person who gets an external reward is motivated to take the right step and positive behaviour is reinforced.
Psychologists, neuroscientists, and other researchers from the US and Europe discuss implications of current research on physicians' use of placebos and the need for better evidence on safety and effectiveness; antidepressants and the placebo effect; placebo and nocebo effects in chronic pain patients; the benefits of placebo effects on itching using classical conditioning and expectancy; learned placebo effects in the immune system; the effects of manipulating verbal suggestions on physical performance; patient involvement in treatment decision making and placebo analgesia; minimizing carry-over effects after treatment failure and maximizing therapeutic outcomes; and analgesics in chronic back pain.
Classical conditioning and brain systems: The role of awareness.
It also contains a scale of different types of aggression and new appendices on social learning theory, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning.
You can use desensitising and classical conditioning techniques to teach the dog to love it when people come close to the thing they are guarding.
Remember Pavlov's drooling dogs and classical conditioning from Psych 101?
Similarly, in simple classical conditioning situations in which the conditioned stimulus (CS) is paired with the unconditioned stimulus (US) leading to the conditioned response (CR), binary CS-US associations seem to be the most commonly established (e.
Such methods include, but are not restricted to classical conditioning, a behaviour modification tool which adjusts the viewer's behaviour in a certain way by showing specific advertising content.
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