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a style of ballet based on precise conventional steps performed with graceful and flowing movements

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Ballet Arts Worcester has been giving classical ballet instruction to the girls as part of a new partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester, said Jennifer Agbay of BAW.
org, Bartoli revealed that there were things outside of sport that she wanted to enjoy, adding that she did classical ballet for eight years when she was younger.
The company was founded by Austrian dancer and artistic director Peter Mallek and aims to provide young and talented dancers with the opportunity to perform the great classical ballets.
By the summer of last year, Ellen was also a long way down the line of forming a new look Russian Classical Ballet Theatre, using top dancers, designers and choreographers.
The choreographers of ``TooT'' and ``Noces'' were trained in classical ballet, but they prefer to express themselves through contemporary movement.
Independent Ballet Wales is a young, vital group of dancers who are pushing back the barriers of classical ballet.
With dances from the iconic Swan Lake and Nutcracker to primarily African dancing, the SABT, combined classical ballet and the music of Mozart and Tchaikovsky with African dance movements and African drumming.
SAD, BUT TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL: Ellen Kent has teamed up with Russian Classical Ballet Theatre to bring a lavish production of Swan Lake - without the soppy 'Stalin' ending' SPLENDID: Ellen Kent of Ballet International and Opera International.
Robyn Gardenhire and her City Ballet of Los Angeles appear to be following the playbook of Arthur Mitchell's Dance Theatre of Harlem, basing her company in an underprivileged neighborhood and re-energizing classical ballet with a dash of jazz.
CLASSICAL ballet takes centre stage in Bedworth when the highly- acclaimed Vienna Festival Ballet Company returns to the town's Civic Hall.
JAPANESE ballet students bring their brand of classical ballet to Swansea as part of a performance-based summer school.
Founded in 1948 by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein, New York City Ballet is one of the largest classical ballet companies in the world, maintaining a roster of nearly 90 dancers trained in the classical style.
Although classical ballet is a form of artistic expression through use of the body, there is a real opportunity to improve and extend the dancer's career by simply applying sports-science principles to dance training and performance.
They are part of a workshop initiated by Mikhail Baryshnikov intended to foster a dialogue about classical ballet training.
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