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Firstly, we have used the classical architecture in which the retransmission of packets by the inter-node sequentially follows the FIFO scheduling mechanism as shown on Figure 3.
Rooms and suites in the main house are inspired by former owner, 19th-century Baltic German explorer Otto von Kotzebue's travels around the world and blend traditional, classical architecture and furnishings with objects d'art from around the world.
Hamilton Drive is a project designed by Robert Adam, a world renowned leader in traditional and classical architecture.
and license in interior design and is a member of ASID, IIDA, Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America, Interiors Design Alliance Advisory Board and Interior Design Advisory Board for the University of Memphis.
On the other bank is the Louvre, built continuously from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century: classical architecture at its most splendid and assured.
The Manitoba Legislative Building, the pinnacle of Beaux-Arts Classical architecture in the province, is an imposing seat of government symbolic of local strength and vitality and of the import of the official functions that occur within its walls.
With its abundance of classical architecture and historic landmarks, the Mediterranean island nation of Malta has hosted a surprising number of major productions, including HBO's "Came of Thrones," "Troy" and "Gladiator.
Terry has been awarded Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for services to classical architecture "in recognition of the achievements and service of extraordinary people right across the United Kingdom".
particular qualities of scale, structure, proportion, mass and the whole language of Gothic or Classical architecture are available to be selected, absorbed and reinterpreted within a painting.
It meshes modern and classical architecture and is something to behold… a must see for everyone who visits Abu Dhabi," said another.
ALLAN GREENBERG HAS DONE HEROIC work reviving the tradition of classical architecture, and Rizzoli's new monograph on his body of work, Allan Greenberg: Classical Architect, helps us see, sumptuously, how and why.
The set is predominantly black, with a large lump of ruined classical architecture dominating one wall--both features of rather a lot of productions these days.
Dodd is Fellow Emeritus at The Institute of Classical Architecture.
Commenting on the dominance of Kensington and Chelsea, Nitesh Patel, an economist at Lloyds TSB, said: "In recent years, its prime location in central London and classical architecture has attracted affluent celebrities and ultra wealthy foreign businessmen, helping drive up property prices.
But Transylvania should also be known as the ancestral home of the Prince of Wales, defender of faiths, with a love of gardening and classical architecture, according to the Romanian National Tourist Office.
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