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45) Instead of turning to Classical architecture for a model, then, Wright turned to nature.
His palette encompasses myriad styles: from the mannered Baroque of Turin to the classical architecture of 18th-century England and France, from early 20th-century modernism to post-modemism in its various manifestations.
Bryan Dinkelacker: This house is basically designed true to classical architecture.
36) My thanks to Dr Phiroze Vasunia of the University of Reading for originally suggesting the topic and for an invitation to join his panel on Classical architecture entitled "An imperial vision" at the British Classical Association Conference, Liverpool, April 2008.
Barry Dixon's interior design style is especially noted for his international approach incorporating classical architecture and traditional themes with elements of modern and contemporary designs.
This beautiful building, with its classical architecture, is a great example of what the Living Courts brand is all about: combining basic hotel services with a self-catering solution to provide the perfect accommodation solution for business executives and holiday-makers alike,C[yen] explains Daniel Hajjar, CEO, Layia Hospitality.
One element of classical architecture, he explained, is the symmetry of the building, and an addition on one side would have changed the design.
The work features a not-so-scenic nature scene based on a photographic image--taken, as the title makes plain, on the grounds of the famed Roman museum--featuring birds, a man rowing a boat, and a facade of classical architecture in the distance.
Cooper argues that Palladio's acceptance by these patrician ecclesiastics, as well as his close relationship to the noble Daniele Barbaro, patriarch-elect of Aquileia--for whose translation of Vitruvius (1556) Palladio provided illustrations and advice--led to the acceptance of Palladio's newly rigorous brand of classical architecture in a city dominated by the more richly decorated, and less systematically proportioned, classical buildings of Jacopo Sansovino.
Greek grocers and classical architecture adjoin nightclubs and late-night cafes throughout Greektown.
The location of the meeting was the building of the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen, where the school has leased space in partnership with the Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America, an organization "dedicated to advancing the practice and appreciation of the classical tradition in architecture and the allied arts.
During the past half-dozen years, he has immersed himself in architecture, particularly classical architecture, and now tosses around words such as "plinth" and "piano nobile" with the ease of a veteran designer.
He also believed that classical architecture, and the classical orders, used boldly and extensively in the facade of the Circus, were of Judaeo-Christian, not pagan origin.
Porphyrios received the Driehaus International Prize in Architecture in 2004 for his contribution to classical architecture and urbanism.
Our approach to the villa museum building focused on (improving) its classical architecture.
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