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(used of society) socially hierarchical

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This means the dissolution of the concept of autonomous publics and of any authentic group or class-consciousness.
Class experiences may have been "largely determined" by the very fact of being a part of "productive relations," but class-consciousness was another matter altogether.
Driven by this class-consciousness yet occasionally working against it, the magazines attempted to reshape white America's perceptions of African American women.
A scholarship boy at a literature-obsessed prep school struggles with subtle but pervasive class-consciousness, intellectual honesty, and the fine line between truth and fiction.
Always a fan of ensemble casts, he has lately favored sprawling narratives that touch on a host of his perennial concerns--most of which derive from his class-consciousness.
Midge does not begrudge the officers their unremitting battlefield ardor, but embraces the noble cause, glorying in the class-consciousness this moral imperative confers.
Seemingly riddled with class-consciousness, the health secretary sees the move against smoking as a campaign by ``middle-class professionalactivists''.
We need to realise that these Theses provide notable evidence for understanding Lukacs's theoretical turn from early pure class-consciousness theory into reflection theory.
In a highlight of chapter 3, Huntington extracts from William Jones' Nennio, or a treatise of Nobility (1595; translated from the 1542 Italian text) an idea of "true nobility" that embodies learning and virtue and becomes, for Chapman and others, a "coded signal" for class-consciousness (77).
Along with these developments emerged a class-consciousness whereby organized sport came to be understood for its training potential, an "enterprise of constructing a `respectable' and manly nation within the British Empire" (49).
Leeming thoroughly understands the educational, cultural, literary, and historical forces that shaped Spender and his circle, which included Auden and Isherwood: the repressive public schools, class-consciousness at universities, Eliot's transformation of the language of poetry, the appeal of communism as an alternative to European fascism, and the prelude to World War II in the form of the Spanish Civil war, which gave voice to Spender's political conscience.
I saw their message, but filtered it out, preferring instead to absorb my salutary doses of sex, shit, booze, squalor, and class-consciousness from Rainer Werner Fassbinder.
For conservatives of his kind, class-consciousness is good only for the rich, who constitute a royal family with a marvelous unifying effect on the commoners.
Yet after a while, you wish he would give his class-consciousness a rest.
It's easy enough to see how redrawing the external boundaries of community or expanding the geography of class-consciousness could radically alter our understanding of English working-class politics in early nineteenth-century England.
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