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(used of society) socially hierarchical

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Marceau plays down her impish side in favor of stern, class-conscious control and barely contained sensuality.
She realizes that she can't marry Lyle, and is aware of the shockwaves that news will set off with her class-conscious mother.
Sooner or later, she'll tire of your life, of having nothing," sneers her class-conscious father (Frederic Lehne).
The palace and its loyalists among Thailand's class-conscious elite fear that if Vajiralongkorn comes to the throne, he will usher in a period of revolutionary upheaval that could destroy the structure of Thai society.
They weave feminist, class-conscious, and anti-racist approaches to the study of sociology, not only to reflect their personal interests and strengths, but also to broaden the traditional theoretical and political approaches of many sociology readers.
My platoon commander was a stocky individual whose friendly attitude to his troops was a startling contrast to the class-conscious British officers.
Yet stray moments of class-conscious humanity surface amid the parade of one-legged strippers, diarrhea strikes and testicle-snapping swans.
While no official qualification standards were published, Grosvenor clearly had three criteria for squadron membership: 1) given the primitive state of aviation training and non-availability of centralized flying schools for the Auxiliary, it was helpful if an applicant already knew how to fly; 2) wealth played a role in the selection process; and 3) most importantly, in the class-conscious Britain of the 1920s, the individual had to be a member of the right social class.
After a rip-roaring and oddly class-conscious importuning to not mess around with "Booshwa Sally,'' the listener is back on the road in "Bobb's Psychedelic Car,'' where the breaks are shot and tires are squealing.
Although I've always said, 'Vive la difference' (excuse my French), it does seem to me that us Scots are, in our culture, less class-conscious and more egalitarian in our outlook than our English cousins.
Expanding class-conscious admissions significantly expands diversity while serving social and economic justice - though it also requires considerably more financial aid, which is why the wealthiest and most selective colleges and universities have more such diversity.
As Grant had figured, the article got lots of attention in the class-conscious city, with front-page stories in the Times, the Tribune, and the World.
Through the explorations of Thomas into both steerage and first class the reader is given what appears to be an accurate picture of the layout of the Titanic, the class-conscious attitudes of the passengers and the prevailing mores, although the dialogue is at times stilted and formalised.
Solzhenitsyn's military officers, students of science and technology, and young mothers all share a desperate longing for betterment in the future, whether it be from the manifestation of communist or socialist ideology that benefits all, the end of Bolshevik dictatorship, a new generation of godless, avant-garde, class-conscious individuals (described in "A New Generation"), or the ability to "change" one's "social origins.
Unionists drew upon the state's Populist heritage to advance a more class-conscious agenda centred on restoring workers' lost economic and political independence.
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