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(used of society) socially hierarchical

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He follows "Louie Louie" through an afterlife in which it became the template for countless garage-rock records (starting with that class-conscious classic "Hang On Sleepy"); the "secret lyrics" are finally recorded by Iggy Pop and The Stooges; "Louie Louie" becomes a marching band classic; and the song's signature rift is reincarnated (with more unintelligible lyrics) as Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit.
While the tiny, soft Rochelle works as a whore, both by choice and in reaction to her mother's Catholic repressions, Helene reacts against her mother and follows Cecile's stifled, class-conscious path, raising her own daughter to "pull" her nose.
Chapter 6 brings Chapman's whole program to bear on the wonderful Ovids Banquet of the Sences; according to Huntington, Chapman embraces Ovid as a social ally and seeks "to reinstate the classical dignities of poetry" (129), including the class-conscious dictum that "the opposite of erotic rapture is not lust but avarice" (140).
THE FLOWER OF EVIL: An election in Bordeaux is the latest subject around which French suspense master Claude Chabrol weaves a class-conscious family mystery.
Brought up in a lower middle-class home in a class-conscious society, he so triumphantly portrayed characters from semi-literate Bottom to kings and queens that numerous critics have tried to prove that a man of his class and limited education could not so convincingly have projected himself into royal society and that some aristocrat must really have written his plays.
The Oxfordian view that Shakespeare was and had to be a highly educated, widely traveled, stage-struck member of the Elizabethan aristocracy, writing perforce under a pseudonym, has nothing to do with the alleged class-conscious snobbery of its advocates but everything to do with three underlying circumstances:
It is a portrait of a class-conscious but welrdered, disciplined society in which nobody makes a fuss, we are all quietly brave and no Johnny Foreigner like Hitler is ever going to get the better of us.
Instead, we are more class-conscious than ever - and about to be split into SEVENTEEN different classes
That the numerous working-class choral clubs adopted broadly popular repertoires rather than class-conscious music does not demonstrate that social boundaries were erased.
For in fact Safire knows that the rich are fiercely class-conscious.
It's a positive sign that Vice President Gore's rhetoric seems to have evolved in its own right, away from the class-conscious, entitlement-creating "haves and have-nots" of early 1994 to at least the potential for deep reform.
The ideological links which exist between institutions in post-independent Africa tend to blunt the sharpness of class-conscious theatre.
The truth is that Canada's system, right now, is a two-tiered, class-conscious system of providing health care," Field said.
Some on the left have always tried to introduce a more class-conscious style of politics.
CLASS-conscious teachers spot the potential troublemakers on the first day of term - by looking at the names in the register.
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