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a lawsuit brought by a representative member of a large group of people on behalf of all members of the group

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As a result, class-action suits have been lodged in at least four states since 2001.
filed by black Amtrak service attendants, ticket agents, engineers, and conductors marks the third class-action suit filed against the raft carrier over the past year.
The class-action suit comes on the heels of two other suits, which were filed last week on behalf of former Filipino and Korean laborers.
Lawyers in Georgia had been preparing a class-action suit on behalf of men and women in the state's prisons for almost ten years when they began to come across striking charges of sexual misconduct in the Georgia Women's Correctional Facility in Milledgeville and the nearby camp, Colony Farm.
In addition to the now-familiar product-liability suit, creative trial lawyers have diversified their product line with class-action suits, shareholder "strike" suits, and wrongful termination suits.
In 1993, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department ended a long- running class-action suit alleging sexual harassment and discrimination in hiring practices when it signed a consent decree and spent at least $2.
In the late 1980s, Citizens Action League challenged the measure in a class-action suit against the state, and won in federal court.
The class-action suit has been brought on behalf of all former and current participants and beneficiaries of Enron's 401(k) plan at any time since January 20, 1998.
In addition, he is involved in a class-action suit against the city.
Staff attorney Shelley Davis filed a class-action suit to keep the school open.
The class-action suit seeks to represent as many as 21,000 employees who invested in the Enron Stock Plan between Jan.
NEWHALL - A federal judge has denied the city of Santa Clarita's request to be dropped as a defendant in the class-action suit brought by residents near a green waste recycling facility where compost burned for several days.
The Chanda Smith Consent Decree, signed by the LAUSD in 1996, resulted from a class-action suit filed by a parent whose daughter twice flunked 10th grade after she was denied enrollment in a special education program.
A federal judge in Los Angeles has rejected a motion to dismiss a class-action suit that alleges decades of nuclear testing at Rocketdyne's Santa Susana Field Laboratory has contaminated neighboring properties.