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a lawsuit brought by a representative member of a large group of people on behalf of all members of the group

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Class-action attorneys Lisoni & Lisoni announced today the filing of their motion to certify a nationwide class of consumers who own allegedly defective Firestone Steeltex (R4S, R4SII, or A/T) tires.
In support of the Lisoni law firm's motion, plaintiffs from 38 states submitted declarations to the court requesting to act as class representatives for their state in the Firestone Steeltex tire class-action litigation.
Florida's Fourth District Court of Appeal today reversed a trial court's ruling that certified a class of all current and former smokers who purchased Marlboro Lights and Ultra Lights cigarettes in Florida, saying the case did not meet the legal requirements for class-action treatment.
Another reform issue introduced in 2000 would allow state class-action lawsuits to be tried in the federal court system.
Ken Schloman, a spokesman for the Alliance of American Insurers, said the reform aims to get class-action lawsuits that are national in scope tried in federal court rather than a state court.
But others voiced opposition, contending that they did not wish to be represented by the ACLU, nor to be a part of a class-action suit.
Thus, at least in theory, all students in special education and their families now benefit from those early class-action suits.
When the group set out to collect data on class-action litigation, it learned that the Rand Corp.
Claiming to represent consumers, class-action lawyers have filed massive lawsuits against lead paint makers, tobacco companies and gun manufacturers, among others.
Proposition 211 would have allowed plaintiffs' lawyers to put together class-action claims similar to Securities and Exchange Commission 10b-5 class actions with no statute of limitations and no limits on lawyer's fees.
Edwards in San Diego, protested two class-action settlements in which she was a plaintiff.
The Consumer Protection Working Group is studying the issue of whether class-action lawsuits infringe on the regulatory jurisdiction of commissioners.
TOPIC: President Bush signed a bill Friday in an effort to curb class-action lawsuits by having federal courts, instead of state courts, hear cases involving settlements of $5 million or more, according to an article by The Associated Press.