class war

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conflict between social or economic classes (especially between the capitalist and proletariat classes)

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Eto roedd Bone wrthi, a'r tro yma cyhoeddodd i'r byd a'r betws fod elw cyngherddau Anhrefn yn cael ei roi i Feibion GlyndE[acute accent]r a dyma dreulio Haf cyfan yn cael ein gwahardd gan yr Heddlu a'r unig le y llwyddom i ganu ynddo dros Haf 1988 oedd ar Ynys Manaw lle doedd yr Heddlu ddim yn ein hadnabod a neb wedi clywed am Meibion Glyndwr na Class War.
But if Mr Blair really meant that the class war is over he ought to stop ministers coming out with silly policies to bolster their silly prejudices.
TV terror Waynetta Slob has savaged posh actress Helena Bonham Carter in a furious class war.
Calling for the Republicans to be stopped in 1996, Lind provides a devastating critique of their pseudo-populist "culture wars," showing how they serve to obscure their far more insidious class war.
Clinton's "middle class bill of rights" is a racially coded class war on the poor, and the bipartisan support for GATT, NAFTA, and the crime bill means the lives of the most damaged and desperate people at home and around the world will become still more nasty, brutish, and short.
Just what weekly income does a pensioner need to be classed as rich, wealthy, better off and will he class war widows and war disabled pensioners as rich, wealthy, better off as they have war pensions?
Zac gave a polished performance, which Prescott responded to with what, in my opinion, was a torrent of bile, covering class war, naughty bankers and the usual politics of greed and envy.
Its current leader Gordon Brown has been dragging out his dull and outdated class war rhetoric in a sad and desperate bid to cling on to power.
48-49 CLASS WAR Actor Brian Cox says shamed Commons Speaker Michael Martin was hounded out by snobs 53 MOTORS Seat's new hot hatch is a boy racer's dream, while the new Beemer undoubtedly has the S factor.
The second reason that it's a bad idea is that a class war can't be turned on and off like a tap.
Notorious groups such as Class War, the Wombles and the Whitechapel Anarchist Group have secretly ganged up to plan how best to wreak carnage on London's streets.
He said: "In a seat that was Labour for 30 years, in the north of England where they said we couldn't win, with a Labour campaign that threw every bit of dirt at us, every class war, every bit of dirt, after the Prime Minister brought forward his entire legislative programme and a mini budget that tried to bribe people with pounds 3 billion to try and save his skin - after all of that, I hope you'll agree that we ended our by-election drought in quite some style.
Among his perspectives are the political context, the literary class war, the specter of fascism, and ambivalent agrarianism.
Class War has a simple message to Clive Wolfendale.
This is not red tape, part of the class war, or a return to adversarial trade unionism.