class war

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conflict between social or economic classes (especially between the capitalist and proletariat classes)

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While all of these fears are highly correlated with the militant parochialism fuelling Trump and Brexit, they are only tangential to the deeper cause - class war against the poor - alluded to by the car affordability data in the US and the credit-dependence of much of Britain's population.
At a time when capital was becoming more concentrated on a global scale, and more militant against nonowners of assets, they were declaring the class war over.
He then details a new approach to educational historiography and two case studies of the history of US education that were important in the global class war (the colonial and common school eras); the imperialist anti-communist propaganda in critical pedagogy; Lenin's communist pedagogy and contributions to understanding trade unions and the anti-union legislation in the US; and Marx's General Law of Accumulation.
Ms Benn - the granddaughter of Labour's former Cabinet minister Tony Benn - made a formal complaint about Mr Fisher after he sent a tweet in August last year, which read "FFS if you live in Croydon South, vote with dignity, vote @campaignbeard" - a reference to the Twitter account of Class War parliamentary candidate Jon Bigger.
Whilst Red Action and Class War developed some influence, recognition and public profile, the left they critiqued was broadly able to ignore or exclude them.
As one of the few Class War warriors still about, I thought it was my duty to speak up on behalf of the event," said Ian Bone, Class War's most famous former campaigner.
Well, sometimes class war doesn't sound so quaint after all.
29 he says: "The important thing to understand now is that while the election is over, the class war isn't.
Judging by that lot, the class war is a long way from over.
The drama in front of the cameras tackles the confict between rich and poor and gets to grips with the class war in the Arab world but the drama off stage looks set to continue despite the break in scenes.
It's a packed half hour motoring from cinema screen to the dance floor, Yoko Ono and the class war, all in a few breaths.
DOWNTON Abbey was back, a lavish feast for fans and proponents of class war alike.
You may have been too occupied with the ongoing Tiger Woods scandal to notice, but here in Britain, class war was declared at the beginning of December.
IN last Sunday's Mercury your columnists George Tyndale and Lorne Jackson brought the class war into politics when describing George Osborne and David Cameron as rich toffs who could not understand how ordinary working class people live.
Waged from the top down, class war is a triumphant activity--and part of the success involves the framing and avoidance of certain unpleasant realities via corporate-owned media outlets.