class struggle

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conflict between social or economic classes (especially between the capitalist and proletariat classes)

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If nationalism lacked thought of the class struggle, then politics will remain mere slogans,' he said while addressing the 27th motherland day public meeting in Hyderabad on Saturday night.
Inspired by this Gramscian revolutionary theoretical framework, this article considers the class struggle through the development of critical cultural education, crucially not only within educational institutions but more generally in society as part of lived reality, for the project of transformative praxis.
But Agoncillo's notion of Luna as unworthy of being called a hero has been overrun by the historian's central idea that the class struggle undermined the revolution.
Known for his powerful, and riveting portrayals of class struggle in the past, Baens-Santos creates two-painting series "Demons and Angels" for the exhibit, which depicts festive and colorful cityscapes of roads and vehicles contrasted with dark, demonic shadows that look like artifacts of a damaged culture.
Marx and Engels analyzed the early decades of industrial capitalism in Europe and argued that labour, under capitalism, was characterized by alienation, exploitation, and class struggle.
Workers' councils or soviets, he argued, had since the Russian Revolution of 1905 spontaneously emerged in periods of heightened class struggle .
The pope coupled harsh denunciation of capitalist exploitation with equally strong insistence that the poor improve their lot by changing the hearts of the rich and powerful, not through class struggle.
This distinction was founded largely on Satylganov's works in the pre-revolutionary era which were interpreted as reflecting the class struggle.
The Welsh Labour Party and Welsh Conservative Party will have to become - what it says on the tin - "Welsh" They will have to separate themselves from their English masters and start to campaign for Wales, instead of some class struggle which ignores the people of our country in preference to the politics of our larger neighbour.
Three years of a relentless working class struggle against hyper inflation amounting to 120% per annum and the joint House sub-commissions' flimsy excuses not to address people's demands testify to their humiliating attitude towards the poor and low-income people, Gharib said.
Although Bob Crow has gone, the working class struggle will still carry on.
The PML-Q chief said price hike in Pakistan was a biggest problem and he felt that the country was moving towards a class struggle.
The class struggle is on; the 2014 would bring good times.
A class struggle most often hidden because of family ties, where economic help is often provided by those with means to those in need; but a struggle which is increasingly being identified as a generational class struggle.
Based on historical fact, the play within a play depicts the bloody and unrelenting class struggle borne of revolution and asks whether true revolution comes from altering society or altering oneself.