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Synonyms for class

Synonyms for class

a subdivision of a larger group

a division of persons or things by quality, rank, or grade

degree of excellence

high style in quality, manner, or dress

to distribute into groups according to kinds

Synonyms for class

a body of students who are taught together

a league ranked by quality


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(biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders

Related Words

elegance in dress or behavior

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Another consideration that is important in selecting interval widths is to make the class midpoints of the intervals representative of the data in the classes.
Using the frequency distribution formula generally does not cost much in terms of lost accuracy provided we construct the distribution so that the class midpoints are good proxies for the data in the classes.
Construct a histogram for this distribution and draw the frequency polygon connecting the class midpoints (begin with the class $19,000-$21,500).
4 Frequency Distribution with Class Midpoints for Cotton Yield Data, Blackland Prairie Farms Cotton Yield Class Number Midpoints of Farms Imaginary class 205 0 215 up to 235 225 4 235 up to 255 245 6 255 up to 275 265 13 275 up to 295 285 21 295 up to 315 305 15 315 up to 335 325 7 335 up to 355 345 5 Imaginary class 365 0 Total 75 TABLE 2.
Frequency polygon A line graph of a frequency distribution that shows frequencies on the y axis and class midpoints on the x axis.