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a list issued by examiners that categorizes students according to the class of honours they achieved in their degree examinations

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So, all students get a class list with the names of all the students.
By altering the class-list page, we provided faculty members with the ability to process a class list with the students' addresses on it.
Nominum said, The GIX network, with a best in class list of malicious domains and URLs, shares information amongst carriers to provide an early warning system and offer better protection globally.
But Joyce spotted the story last Saturday and has come to the rescue, providing us with an almost complete class list.
Illingworth is one of six reserve umpires seeking the four vacancies on the first class list when John Hampshire, Mervyn Kitchen, Alan Whitehead and David Shepherd retire at the end of the season.
Organisers of the event are TGW Exhibitions and they believe they have put together a top class list of exhibitors, blending some top national companies with local firms - all on the recruitment trail.
Based on the popular Classic model, the A+ scores highly with a first class list of extra equipment: air conditioning; a factory fit audio 10 single CD player; special 5J x 15" six spoke alloy wheels; and two exclusive metallic paint colours - Galaxy Black and Lunar Silver - are all standard.
His class list is small - only a handful of students - so he can provide individual instruction.
CONGRATULATIONS to the 20 Merseyside schools which have made it to the best in class list compiled by government watchdog Ofsted.
The program is set up to have 25 children on the class list, but only 20 on track at any given time.
The firm enables me the ability to not only offer world class list management and brokerage services but also integrated marketing solutions to my clients," said Shawn Kingston.
Appointed to the first class list in 1999, Mallender had a testing introduction to the international scene this summer, and was last month elected Umpire of the Year by the Professional Cricketers Association.
The new facility, located close to Universal Studios, will be adding Aerial Yoga and Spin classes to the already extensive class list.
If you want more information about line dancing near you, Line Dancer Magazine publishes a national class list.