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an acquaintance that you go to school with

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Imran Khan has remained my class fellow and friend since the last 42 years.
The accused had reportedly kidnapped a college girl with the help of her class fellow and raped her in a moving car.
Rawalpindi -- A seven-grade student of a local school was severely beaten by his teacher for borrowing a book from his class fellow during period, students said.
The statement of Zain Sukhera was read in the court in which he admitted that he met with Rao Shakeel in Saudi Arabia in 2010 while Abdul Qadir Gilani was his class fellow in Aitcheson College.
His real name was Ghulam Ahmad, but renowned poet Saif Uddin Saif, a very close friend and class fellow of the poet, asked him to keep Ahmad Rahi as his name.
He said that he was raising voices along with his other class fellows for the last three months but to no avail.
KARACHI: His innocent mind would inquisitively wonder why he had to drink water from a glass separate from that of his Muslim or upper caste Hindu class fellows in a remote primary school at a tiny village in the vast and mesmerising Thar Desert.
Another middle school student in the Shakot area, Khairullah, recalled one of their class fellows was injured in the crossfire between militants and police during a clash near their school.
Most of his class fellows at Government College Lahore--Aftab Ahmed Khan, Masood Nabi Noor, Masood Zaman, Syed Munir Hussain and later Asif Rahim took the CSS competitive examination and joined the Civil Service of Pakistan.
I was his only friend apart from some of his class fellows at school.
Most students refuse to answer to the teacher in the classroom on the ground that they are most likely to be the laughingstock of their class fellows.
Festival Education Director David Gordon is immersed in reviewing applications submitted for the Adams Master Class Fellows that will be announced in March.
Ahmad Nawaz student of class 9th lying at the bed of LRH hospital who was injured in the attack received bullet injuries on his hand while said with this scribe that he was eye witness when his class fellows were killed by militants one by one.
I sent 3,000 Eid greetings and jokes to family, friends and class fellows last year and this year I have to beat my own record," Afridi explains while clarifying that she owns only one SIM card and a mobile phone.