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feelings of envy and resentment of one social or economic class for toward another

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And we want people to leave our orientation class feeling really excited.
Lewis' English lit class feeling so awful that I asked her to excuse me to the office so I could go home.
I remember standing in front of the English Composition class feeling slightly nervous about making my speech.
They were particularly exercised by cultural materialists' belief that social being or 'experience' was the primary influence on consciousness and almost ineluctably led to class feeling.
One student said, "I came out of the final class feeling quite encouraged and certain that I wanted to become a journalist.
Then I went back to that awful Brecht class feeling like I had learned something.
To the extent that the rank and file took on these ideas they undercut class feeling and consciousness.
Christine Brown, a qualified Medau teacher from Chester, says: "Everyone leaves the class feeling completely stretched
Here are some of my tactics for getting sleepers going in the morning and having them leave class feeling like they can literally tackle anything.
But the majority of fair-to-middling students leave the English class feeling that "correct English," like moral perfection, is something that they cannot hope to attain.
Educators need to see that it is possible to reach the overwhelming majority of students so that kids can leave physical education class feeling good about themselves.
Our approach is less about lecturing and more about interactivity and empowerment so children will leave class feeling motivated to keep looking after one another long after we've left," Haskin said.
Every single fan, whether Man City or Sunderland, stood up and applauded us - what a class feeling.
I spent most of the first class feeling like a fish out of water, but when the instructor congratulated me for trying so hard I knew I couldn't give up.
And her students agree, "Soni is an amazing teacher and I always leave her class feeling awesome.