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a lawsuit brought by a representative member of a large group of people on behalf of all members of the group

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Dabit, the high court ruled that plaintiffs' lawyers no longer may bring securities class action lawsuits in state courts where the securities at issue are listed nationally and traded on a national exchange.
The class action covers all individuals and entities in the United States that purchased telecommunications services at any time within any period of limitations that may be determined to apply.
An upcoming Supreme Court decision on contingent attorneys' fees may affect the taxation of such fees awarded in class actions.
Plaintiffs' attorneys," he wrote, "are increasingly filing nationwide class actions in various state courts, carefully crafting language.
But when the impacts of these lawsuits are considered, it's the lawyers who are winning with class actions.
At the same time, they plan to decrease their per suit costs in class actions by 17 percent this year.
Hence, plaintiffs have sought to exploit the economies of scale afforded by class actions, without regard to whether such cases can be fairly presented on a "classwide" basis.
Christopher Cox, R-Newport Beach, who sponsored legislation last year to reform some types of class actions.
If you are interested in learning about class actions in general or in monitoring the progress of a recently filed class action, such as the one filed against International Rectifier Corporation (IRF), Toll Brothers, Inc.
This is not a panacea for class actions, but we believe it will be a better forum for hearing class actions than in state courts.
Stano will focus his practice on complex commercial insurance and financial services class action litigation.
Trial lawyers, awash with cash from settlements in tobacco and fen-phen class actions, have set their sights on U.
Securities class actions are the most common type of class actions; since 2002, they are also the most costly and time-consuming to resolve; cases proceeding with a concurrent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation tend to settle for double the price of those without the SEC proceeding," said Ms.
The number of securities fraud class actions filed in 2006 was the lowest ever recorded in a calendar year since the adoption of the Public Securities Litigation Reform Act (PSLRA) of 1995, notes the Securities Class Action Filings 2006 Year in Review report released today by the Stanford Law School Securities Class Action Clearinghouse, a joint project between Stanford Law School and Cornerstone Research.
ACE recently released the white paper, "Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation and Directors and Officers Liability Insurance," which examines the number of class actions pending in federal courts during 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005; the allegations involved, including specific accounting allegations; securities judgments; types of plaintiffs; and, the industries targeted.