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This concept with reservation was followed by Signor & McMenamin (1988) in their tentative assignation of Onuphionella to the phylum Annelida and class Polychaeta.
Specimens from the pretrilobite Lower Cambrian of the Ukraine as well as from the trilobite-bearing Lower Cambrian of Nevada have been assigned tentatively to the phylum Annelida Lamark, 1809 and class Polychaeta Grube, 1850.
Systematic list of the species of the Class Polychaeta, recorded from areas adjacent to islands of the Mexican Pacific (the numbers in black indicate the distribution in a particular island and follow the same numeration of table 2; ** first records for the islands).
94 Order Decapoda - infraorder Anomura -- Phylum Annelida: * Class Polychaeta 0.