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The insects collected were identified and grouped in different orders of class Insecta.
The subphylum Uniramia are arthropods that have one pair of antennae, non-branched appendages, a distinct head, thorax, and abdomen, and in the class Insecta never have more than six legs.
These prey items were distributed among five orders of arthropods: four from the class Insecta (Hymenoptera 68.
Based upon current literature, little is known about diversity of the class Insecta in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.
In the Orinoquia, the class Insecta is widely distributed; in the Tropical Rain Forest it is Insecta and Arachnida, while in the Andes (Paramo areas) Diptera, Collembola and Acarina are the most represented taxa; eventhough Annelida is the phyllum most frequently found.
This connection between mouthpart morphology and specific food types is incredibly pronounced in class insecta [1].
DISCUSSION: Paederus beetles belong to family Staphyllinidae, order Coleoptae, class Insecta and consists of over 600 species which are distributed worldwide and have been associated with outbreaks of dermatitis in various countries including Australia, Malaysia, Iran, Nigeria, Brazil and India.
Composition of the diet of females (n = 33), males (n = 23), immature (n = 7) and mature (n = 49) of Potamotrygon signata, represented by Relative Frequency of Occurrence (%FO), Numerical Percentage (%N), Weight Percent (%W) and Index of Relative Importance (IRI and %IRI) for the class Insecta.
During this period, 570 individuals of nine orders were collected from marked plants, seven of which belonged to the class Insecta (Table 1).
Although many taxa within the phylum Arthropoda experience autotomy, Phasmida is the only order within the class Insecta that regularly sheds and regenerates lost legs (Borrer et al.