class Basidiomycetes

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1881, under class basidiomycetes was also considered as important medicinal mushroom, extract from this has been used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases including cancer [24].
Presently, there has been limited data illustrating the phylogenetic analysis of the Leucoagaricus species and its related species using molecular approach, the Leoucoagaricus species was under class basidiomycetes.
It is a species of the class Basidiomycetes, which belongs to the family Polyporaceae commonly known as a wood-decaying fungus.
Pholiota Kummer, a genus of macrofungi, often endowed with attractive colors, belongs to the family Strophariaceae, order Agaricales, class Basidiomycetes.
Mushrooms were defined as macrofungi with distinctive fruiting bodies commonly occurring in fungi of the class Basidiomycetes and sometimes in the class of Ascomycetes.