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a medieval brass instrument with a clear shrill tone

blow the clarion

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proclaim on, or as if on, a clarion

loud and clear

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SIR - As one of a group of three Independent councillors recently elected to the Vale of Glamorgan Council, one of our clarion calls being that we put people above party politics, I am considerably heartened to see that Swansea City and County Council's coalition Cabinet, comprising six Lib-Dems, one Conservative and three Independents, (unlike the Vale Council with its one party Conservative Cabinet), have cut their own special responsibility allowances, the council leader himself taking a cut of nearly pounds 8,000, and pledged to put these savings into front line services.
This clarion call for directors for 2004 rang forth from a recent meeting in Philadelphia (where other clarion calls of opportunity have been known to sound).
The essay itself is one of the great clarion calls for protection of the unborn.
With their thundering ominous riffs and warlike clarion calls, Dalek may seem like a heavy proposition but there's a gleeful rage at the heart of their music drawn from Krautrock insurgents and Public Enemy.
Jaffe's emphasis on needle exhange and condom distribution are clarion calls that must be heeded.
And his clarion calls for restraining corporate power, for expanding democracy, for defending civil rights and civil liberties, and for opposing militarism still ring true today.