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I first met Josef Horak at the beginning of 1960 in Brno, where he was already known as an outstanding clarinettist who was raising the status and broadening the possibilities of play on the bass clarinet.
Then, for example, it turned out that the Berlin Philharmonic's recent Symphony Hall concert was the final appearance of their second clarinettist after 30-something years.
However, he started his career at the other end of the historical range, making his professional debut in 1988 with leading contemporary music specialists the London Sinfonietta - an opportunity which came through his teacher, and regular Sinfonietta clarinettist, Michael Collins.
the clarinettists in Vienna and many other places are fairly good in the orchestra, but as soloists give one no real pleasure.
This new recording from Nimbus features the dark, yet pure clarinet sound of Karl Leister, sometime legendary principal clarinettist of the Berlin Philharmonic.
Music-lovers under the age of 18 can enjoy a concert with one of the country's top clarinettists free on Sunday February 14.
The other young musician featured in the concert is clarinettist Martin Frost, winner of the Nordic Soloist Biennale in 1991, who will play the Copland Concerto.