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a musician who plays the clarinet

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But his big break came within a few months of the end of World War Two when he was asked by Sir Thomas Beecham to become principal clarinetist with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Ken Peplowski, a globe-trotting musician from New York City, will pay tribute to swing and big band clarinetists Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw and Woody Herman tonight, playing with Steve Stone and the Emerald City Jazz Kings in the Shedd Concert Hall, 285 E.
MECA will present Brazusa featuring Brazilian and American music performances by Vania Pimentel and Marcelo Meira, clarinetist.
Hitomi Kaneko composed Espace/Brume (Space/Mist) for marimba and bass clarinet in 1998 with a commission from ZenOn Music Company and the percussionist Wins Konink, a 1991 graduate of the Sweelinck onservatorium in Amsterdam, who premiered the work with bass clarinetist Henri Peijnenburg on 2 April 1998 in Heemstede.
In this work, the clarinetist is called upon to leap up and down (musically, not physically, that is) in frantic phrases that weave in and out of the fabric of the orchestral accompaniment.
He's considered just about the finest jazz clarinetist around.
Pee Wee Russell remains the most enigmatic jazz clarinetist in the history of the idiom.
Lefevre's contribution to the era of the virtuoso clarinetist was as an orchestral performer at the Opera in Paris, a professor at the Paris Conservatoire, and as a composer of six Clarinet Concertos, several concertante works, a Methode for clarinet (for which he is best remembered) and a number of chamber pieces including the sets of Duos for two clarinets.
There may be few jobs for principal clarinetists, but there are practically none for composers.
39, with clarinetists Lorin Levee and Monica Kaenzig in heavenly duet.
Hailed as one of the most talented clarinetists in the world, Grammenos, will perform alongside Doha String Quartet and Sonja Park.
Fellow clarinetists deferred to McGarity because of her experience and rank.
Drawing inspiration from the Belgian-born Django Reinhardt's work with American jazz clarinetists in the 1930s, Django a la Creole comprises two guitars and double bass, weaving sultry rhythms around a soaring clarinet.
The donation includes solo pieces, concertos, sonatas, chamber music, and many other genres, along with numerous recordings of clarinetists.
13 on ystiklal Street, where a procession of clarinetists, dancers and a percussion ensemble will perform live along the most crowded street in ystanbul.