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a musician who plays the clarinet

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Bell, who played here in the Eugene Youth Symphony, has worked as principal clarinetist at the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra in New York and, more recently, for the San Francisco Opera Orchestra.
Preparing for the contest in the grounds of Gregynog are violinist Jonathan Davies (left) and clarinetist Tom Howells
Award-winning Bulgarian clarinetist Ivo Papazov and his Trakia Band, the Dakota Jim Band and the Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra are the other performers on the bill.
A fascinating piece called Air Conditioned Jungle, which American jazz clarinetist Jimmy Hamilton composed with Duke Ellington, was one of the highlights of the evening, demonstrating just what a thoughtful and gifted player Long is.
Clarinetist Carles Pertegaz joins the quartet on October 26 at 7.
While well-known clarinetist Grammenos will perform on the first Greek day at the Drama Theatre, Plastikes Karekles will perform the following day at the same venue.
A clarinetist and pianist, he felt inspired by the need for quality music education products and oversaw the development of an instructional series for accordion, followed by books for guitar and piano.
Soprano Lesley Garrett (right) and clarinetist Emma Johnson will be accompanied by pianist Andrew West.
One such was the unlucky clarinetist and composer Adreas Goepfert, for whom steady work and warm recognition never translated into comfortable personal circumstances, and who died sick and impoverished.
In addition, the orchestra will welcome young clarinetist William Stafford to the stage for a performance of Mozart's ever popular clarinet concerto which, along with Beethoven's hard-hitting first symphony, will create a night of music making not to be missed by any classical music lover.
CDATA[ Witty, philosophical and humble at age 73, Israeli clarinetist Giora Feidman has released his 40th CD in about 40 years.
She has held numerous leadership positions, including noncommissioned officer-in-charge and clarinetist with the U.
TALLINN, Dec 2, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkish classical guitarist Ahmet Kanneci and clarinetist Ekrem Oztan took to the stage in a concert on Tuesday in the Estonian capital, Tallinn as part of the Glasperlenspiel Music Festival.
Evan Christopher's Django a la Creole pounds 5 tickets MADE homeless by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, clarinetist Evan Christopher packed up the few belongings he had and headed for France, where he settled in Paris, working to raise awareness of the musical culture of New Orleans through concerts, workshops and masterclasses.
And cellist Peter Stumpf, bassoonist David Breidenthal, oboist Ariana Ghez, flutist Catherine Ransom Karoly, clarinetist Michele Zukovsky, trumpeter James Wilt and several percussionists brought nuance and vibrancy to the work.