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that makes clear

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By incorporating Millad 3988 clarifying agent into the resins, the company is said to be able to offer clients products with outstanding clarity, faster cycle times, dimensional stability and toughness.
Regrettably, rather than clarifying the exception, the temporary regulations eliminate all but the last of the exceptions.
Allowing oral information to be shared between covered entities and clarifying that reasonable effort to protect personal health information from being overheard is an acceptable standard
At that point, the interrogation ceased long enough for the investigating agents to ask the defendant clarifying questions regarding his desire to consult with an attorney.
Administration should begin this process by clarifying the purposes of performance evaluations for all employees.
makes Pro-Fax SV-256M using a new clarifying agent (Millad 3940 from Milliken Chemical Co.
will continue to pay royalties on the same basis as its past practice and by clarifying that O.
The 1999 guidance priority list identified a half-dozen discrete issues for which guidance was to be issued clarifying whether the expenditures are deductible or capital in nature.
Franklin returned it a few days later with a letter clarifying that she was interested in a distribution, but only if the valuation date was acceptable to her.
Clarifying the financial reporting objective of defined-benefit health and welfare plans.