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Also, Flottweg Clarifying Separators are used to separate solids from liquids to allow highly efficient clarification, according to the company.
Clarifying Souffle is a pH balanced cleanser that thoroughly cleans without stripping the skin of the essential natural oils needed to stay healthy and hydrated.
The Treasury Department and IRS have published two revenue rulings clarifying that payments by employers to employees made in connection with employment contracts are to be treated as wages for purposes of FICA, FUTA and federal income tax withholding.
Two resins, PP30HF01 and PP33HF04 polypropylene-ethylene copolymer resins feature Millad 3988 clarifying agent from Milliken Chemical.
The settlement requires EPA to amend the existing regulations by the end of the year, clarifying that aluminum diecasters, foundries and extruders that melt only clean charge, customer returns and internal scrap and do not operate a sweat furnace, chip dryer or delacquering kiln are not "secondary aluminum producers" or subject to regulation under the rule.
Allowing oral information to be shared between covered entities and clarifying that reasonable effort to protect personal health information from being overheard is an acceptable standard
Results indicate that the clarifying groups scores in reading comprehension and word comprehension were significantly higher than those in the control group, suggesting that clarifying strategy instruction positively affected fifth grade students comprehension of texts and vocabulary encountered during reading.
Pinpointing and clarifying specific activities that derive value from the function.
Important areas that the task force intends to address include the following: (1) how to distinguish between inherent losses, which are included in the allowance under existing GAAP pronouncements, from future losses, (2) guidance clarifying certain provisions of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Statement No.
At that point, the interrogation ceased long enough for the investigating agents to ask the defendant clarifying questions regarding his desire to consult with an attorney.
Administration should begin this process by clarifying the purposes of performance evaluations for all employees.
Directors and brothers Jerry Zucker and David Zucker issued a joint statement today clarifying that Jerry Zucker did not participate in the production of a short film created by his brother, David Zucker, which criticizes the Iraq Study Group.
Nonetheless, representatives of both IRS and Treasury have stated that in order to maintain that position, legislation clarifying the law is important.
To the credit of the IRS National Office, the IRS is expected to publish a notice clarifying that a taxpayer that has a Form 3115, Application for Change in Accounting Method, for a favorable method change pending on March 14, 2002, which was filed under Rev.