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Synonyms for clarify




Synonyms for clarify

to make clear or clearer

to make or become clear by the removal of impurities

Synonyms for clarify

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The Clarify System solves problems that have prevented home phototherapy from being widely adopted by providing treatment controls, reducing the physician's workload, and helping to ensure patient treatment adherence, said Rex Bright, Interim President and CEO of Clarify Medical.
Oral explanations may be used only to clarify or explain the documentation.
CLWA officials believe the code already allows the agency to sell water as a retailer, but want to clarify the wording.
Clarify president and CEO Tong Zingale said the aim was to conduct business with the customer in "the way the customer wants business conducted with them.
To clarify job responsibilities, role definition, and standards of expectation.
The Clarify NGx represents a leap forward in speed, accuracy, price, and portability for the Clarify system, while improving on its industry-leading measurement performance.
Despite reminders CDA has yet to clarify the observations to date which were sought by May 27, 2012.
The final regulations clarify the application of these rules to subcontractors as well; see Regs.
Updates the list of contract administration functions to clarify responsibilities for payment administration and verification of contractor compliance with earned value management system requirements; deletes obsolete text on mobilization production planning surveys; and relocates to PGI, procedures for designation of contract payment offices.
The example in the Notice is intended to clarify that taxpayers cannot exclude loss-producing transactions when calculating their section 199 deduction.
The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued an Exposure Draft to clarify the definition of a derivative.
Nortel Networks Inc announced late Monday that it will acquire customer relationship management software vendor Clarify Inc for $2.
6 designed to clarify the relationship between the netting provisions, the provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act, and other federal laws.