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Synonyms for clarify




Synonyms for clarify

to make clear or clearer

to make or become clear by the removal of impurities

Synonyms for clarify

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The new law clarifies that, in computing qualified production activities income, the domestic production activities deduction itself is not an allocable deduction.
199-2(e)(1) clarifies that W-2 wages include taxable wages (box 1 of Form W-2), the total amount of elective deferrals (under Sec.
Proposed change clarifies text on the use of option clauses for industrial capability production planning; deletes unnecessary text on determinations for interagency acquisitions under the Economy Act; deletes restrictive requirements relating to the use of master agreements for vessel repair; deletes obsolete procedures for acquisition of bakery and dairy products; lowers the level for approval of profit on undefinitized contract actions for which substantial performance has been completed; and relocates to PGI, guidance on the use of options and procedures for preparation of master agreements and job orders, for breakout and acquisition of spare parts, and for acquisition of work over and above contract requirements.
The Statement amends and clarifies accounting for derivative instruments, including certain derivative instruments embedded in other contracts, and for hedging activities under Statement 133.
Clarifies that competition shall not be sought outside the Federal Supply Schedules
The legislation also clarifies the CBA's subpoena powers for disciplinary purposes--making it clear that the CBA may require the participation of witnesses and production of files for disciplinary purposes.
530(b)(1), as amended by IRSRRA '98 Section 6004(d) (1), clarifies that an Education IRA beneficiary must be an "individual.
Today's rule confirms existing practices and clarifies regulatory language that was interpreted by the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in a different manner than EPA intended, resulting in uncertainty about sediment testing requirements related to ocean dumping.