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something that purifies or cleans

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The Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) hereby invites all interested and qualified firms to submit responses for this Request for Qualifications and Proposals (RFQ/P) to provide three (3) final clarifier mechanisms and appurtenant equipment as part of the NBC%s efforts related to the Field%s Point Final Clarifier and Miscellaneous Improvements - Contract 130.
This infrastructure investment demonstrates our strong and unyielding commitment to our customers and the clarifier industry and our intention to remain a leading global player for the future," said Allen Jacoby, Vice President, Plastics Additives, Milliken & Company.
Produces specialty additive concentrates for thermoplastics: antifogs, antistats, clarifiers, nucleators, fragrances, slip agents, peroxide flow modifiers for PP, processing aids, release aids, wetting agents, lubricants, and hydrophobic or hydrophilic agents.
While that water then goes into a clarifier, it is possible some water may eventually drain into the streambed, he said.
The disc clarifier will enhance the clarification process within the Turbo Reactor and improve the overall water quality and capacity while further helping reduce the footprint of the plant as well.
Description : Install 3rd ground water monitoring well, replace final clarifier skimmers and install hoist/crane lifting system inside headwork building.
Milliken Chemical (Spartanburg, South Carolina USA), a division of Milliken & Company, has announced that it will spotlight its Millad NX8000 clarifier for polypropylene (PP) at Booth 54055 in the South building at NPE2009.
The 2007-2008 "Vacation Home Concepts Clarifier," authored by Bill Bisanz, Founder and CEO of Elite Destination Homes, educates consumers with detailed definitions of the various vacation investment options which include vacation rentals, time shares, destination clubs, sole ownership properties, private co-ownership properties, private residence clubs, fractional ownership properties, and condo-hotels.
An aseptic version of the proven CSE 80 clarifier from Westfalia Separator, which is steam sterilisable (SIP) has been developed for the very gentle processing of highly delicate cells.
contains a synergistic mix of a proprietary mineral antiblock, clarifier, and amide slip agent.
fabricating a pilot clarifier and making adjustments based on the effluent of this system to mimic the actual system.
In wet scrubbers, the product can be added to the clarifier, prior to the filter or sludge dewatering unit.
Photo: (1) Public Works Director Don Nelson, left, and plant superintendent Jack Dudley check the primary clarifier.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals has introduced Irgaclear XT 386, a "next-generation" clarifier for polypropylene that provides excellent clarity at low concentrations.