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Synonyms for clarify




Synonyms for clarify

to make clear or clearer

to make or become clear by the removal of impurities

Synonyms for clarify

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check] Identify the timing for transitioning to the clarified standards for each engagement.
Almost 100 tins of vegetable oil and 600 tins of clarified butter worth 2 lakh rupees were seized.
Treating guava juice with 600 ppm of Bioguavase for 12 hours is suitable for obtaining clarified juice.
Development of the new clarified Borpact PP was triggered by increasing marketing emphasis on the display value of frozen desserts, combined with a lack of material choice available to converters to achieve that goal.
For the soft-shell crabs: Heat clarified butter in saute pan over medium-high heat and season crabs with salt and pepper.
Once the value expectations of internal audit are clarified, a corporation can rationalize and adjust the area's resources and capabilities so it has the tools it needs.
HCFA also clarified the use of grace days in completing the MDS.
Grace days: HCFA has clarified that all 8 days of the first assessment, including the grace days, are acceptable as the assessment reference date.
14) Believing that the defendant's statement regarding his inability to afford an attorney was indicative of a misunderstanding of the right to appointed counsel that was not clarified by subsequent questioning, the court in Hoey concluded that the interrogating officer violated the defendant's State constitutional rights by continuing the interrogation.
Historical studies based on chronicles and documents have clarified the palace's function as both residence and center of imperial administration; architectural studies, stimulated by restoration of the palace have documented its buildings by making plans and sections, by collecting illustrations from court chronicles, engravings, and historic photographs, and by surveying Ottoman sources for relevant material.
ISLAMABAD -- A spokesman for the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has clarified a report relating to CDA's light emitting diode (LED) project published in a section of press on Friday.
Gwalior, Sep 12 (ANI): Police raided a factory in Gwalior and seized large quantities of lose and packaged clarified butter on Saturday.
2006-45 also revised and clarified certain terms and conditions for receiving automatic consent to change a tax year.
103 the ASB clarified that oral explanations do not, by themselves, provide sufficient support for the auditor's work, though auditors may use them to further explain or clarify information that is contained in the workpapers.