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Synonyms for clarify

to make clear or clearer

to make or become clear by the removal of impurities

Synonyms for clarify

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The above arrangement can be put in place by a clarificatory policy circular to be issued by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).
Given that little is known about Leila Djabali and that little attention has been given to her remarkable poem, the poet Audre Lorde's perceptive essay 'The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action' (1984) is used for its clarificatory power.
I would like to confirm that clarificatory amendments do not override the provisions of the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) which India has with 82 countries.
Pai Foundation is reiterated in the clarificatory judgment rendered by another Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court in P.
Fragments enclosed in square brackets are clarificatory notes and bold type identifies handwritten text in the original document (9):
36) Apart from using contemporary spelling, the edition simply reordered Yamin's material thematically, added some clarificatory notes, and appended biodata of the members of the two bodies.
Policy & Promotion, Clarificatory Guidelines on Downstream Investment by Indian Companies (Feb.
6, lists three glosses on people and places and a few other clarificatory corrections.
Further, poetry eschews the clarificatory pro and contra of argument and classification: the woven fabric of ambiguously shared connotation is all-important and, in this sense, cannot be said to offer any form of "notation" equivalent to the scientist's.
hhh) Exhalation of breath; number of "hs" indicate length (hhh) Inhalation of breath; number of "hs" indicate length ( ) A back-channel comment or sound from a previous speaker that does not interrupt the present turn [ Overlap of talk (( )) Clarificatory information, such as ((laughter)) ?
For this reason, it is relatively easy for a narrow definition of interpretation, emphasizing one easily recognizable subset of interpretive practice, to pass as merely clarificatory or descriptive--perhaps even to its proponents.
Double parenthesis indicate clarificatory information, e.
While many of the changes are clarificatory in nature, other changes, including those key ones driven by the EFPIA Codes, may require considerable resource to be put in place.
These buttons were largely used for procedural matters as indicated by the clarificatory comments above, and declined as the NSW Outback Satellite Education program proceeded, and as the lessons became more student centred;
The same is true of her clarificatory references to Scandinavian literature that is likely to strike many a contemporary English-language reader as obscure, and to Greek mythology.