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Synonyms for clarify




Synonyms for clarify

to make clear or clearer

to make or become clear by the removal of impurities

Synonyms for clarify

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In this way tradition plays a clarificatory role by awakening us to a less historically biased understanding of the text as well as doctrine.
It was not only his obscurantism, but his syntactical curiosities, eccentric versification and lack of clarificatory Tennysonian mellifluities, that set on edge the teeth of the critics of his day.
In Bonn in July 2001, and in a subsequent clarificatory meeting in Marrakesh the following November, 178 of the world's states reached agreement on the details of a protocol to combat global climate change brought on by anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases.
17, 144, 175), he does not attempt to demonstrate how the British intervention and its long-term consequences may have a causal relationship and clarificatory utility vis-a-vis features of the contemporary State, society, and economy which are (he himself claims) "as much a function of the state in specific historical context, and a country's particular subordination within the world-system as of the legacy of culture per se.
13) In the clarificatory essay referred to above, Udoff and Galli, Rosenzweig's "The New Thinking", Rosenzweig noted that, although people had assumed he had written "a Jewish book," in fact it deals as extensively with Christianity as it does with Judaism (pp.
But first two clarificatory comments are called for.
And Rorty does help the argument along, but only insofar as his misreadings of both traditions prove clarificatory.