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Synonyms for clarification

Synonyms for clarification

the act or process of removing physical impurities

Synonyms for clarification

an interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding

the act of removing solid particles from a liquid


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Although several of the important policy clarifications are highlighted below, careful review of the final rule is needed to identify and then implement each policy clarification.
The final rule contains many clarifications regarding the provision and tracking of therapy services under SNF PPS.
Although initially many SNFs believed that a prospective payment system would provide guaranteed coverage for the full interval between assessments and that daily assessments of skilled needs were unnecessary, HCFA's clarification in Transmittal 405 asserted that daily assessments of skilled care were still necessary.
For employers, the long-term care tax clarifications mean that any employer contributions toward an employee's longterm care insurance policy can now be deducted as a business expense.
Despite these clarifications, sales for private long-term care insurance will not come close to reaching their potential until the Treasury Department puts into place final regulations for implementing them.