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Synonyms for clarification

Synonyms for clarification

the act or process of removing physical impurities

Synonyms for clarification

an interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding

the act of removing solid particles from a liquid


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Perhaps this no-change-in-policy clarification should be called Special Order 40.
This rule, which became effective on September 28, 1999, offers numerous clarifications that will be tremendously helpful in operationalizing SNF PPS.
In addition to the taxpayer-favorable clarification concerning loan costs, the SBJPA also broadens the application of Sec.
But the LAPD initiated the current clarification process about a year ago after news media reports said some officers thought the order prohibited them from apprehending deported felons who returned to Los Angeles, Gascon said.
From the perspective of the health insurance industry, the significance of HIPAA's tax clarification provisions cannot be overstated.
For clarification on how we rate SINA a WEAK SELL, please visit: http://www.
For clarification on how we rate CSCO a WEAK BUY, please visit:http://www.