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Synonyms for claret

a dark purplish-red color

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dry red Bordeaux or Bordeaux-like wine

drink claret

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References in classic literature ?
But there he sat; and in his old seat on the opposite side of the room reclined Sir Mulberry Hawk, with his legs upon the cushion, and his handkerchief thrown negligently over his knees: finishing his magnum of claret with the utmost coolness and indifference.
Sir Mulberry took several turns up and down the room, whistling carelessly all the time; stopped to finish the last glass of claret which he had poured out a few minutes before, walked again, put on his hat, adjusted it by the glass, drew on his gloves, and, at last, walked slowly out.
Mr Watson now bespoke the most extravagant supper he could well think of; and though he had contented himself with simple claret before, nothing now but the most precious Burgundy would serve his purpose.
When I had answered all of them, seemingly to his contentment, he fell into a still deeper muse, even the claret being now forgotten.
Being an invalid, Joseph Sedley contented himself with a bottle of claret besides his Madeira at dinner, and he managed a couple of plates full of strawberries and cream, and twenty-four little rout cakes that were lying neglected in a plate near him, and certainly
Concluding to set myself in the warm summer air next-- seeing that what is good for old claret is equally good for old age-- I took up my beehive chair to go out into the back court, when I was stopped by hearing a sound like the soft beating of a drum, on the terrace in front of my lady's residence.
I remember, too, when we had discovered and exhausted another topic of consolation in the circumstance of this ladies' cabin adjoining our state-room, and the consequently immense feasibility of sitting there at all times and seasons, and had fallen into a momentary silence, leaning our faces on our hands and looking at the fire, one of our party said, with the solemn air of a man who had made a discovery, 'What a relish mulled claret will have down here
I have not inquired among my medical acquaintance, whether Turtle, and cold Punch, with Hock, Champagne, and Claret, and all the slight et cetera usually included in an unlimited order for a good dinner - especially when it is left to the liberal construction of my faultless friend, Mr.
The flavours of fruits and berries didn't shine through in this claret but the taste did improve when when it was accompanying food.
In addition to acquiring the inventory and art assets of Global Art Galleries, Claret has also retained its talented employees.
He added "The new CLARET Laboratories will support high-level research at the school as well as allowing the school to work with local business on research and development for new and exciting plastic electronics such as OLEDs as found in television and mobile phone display screens and lighting or next generation solar cells that can be integrated directly into building infrastructure, transportation or space applications.
The Claret and Gold ice-cream, matching the Huddersfield Giants team colours, comes from plum-flavoured ice cream with gold chocolate covered flakes rippled throughout.
While Edwards and Medtronic continue to grow the multi-billion dollar TAVR market, Claret endeavors to improve patient outcomes by protecting the patient's cerebral vasculature with their proprietary dual-filter embolic protection system, the Montage 2.
And he even put up a picture of the Claret Jug in its flightcase, safely stashed in the plane's overhead locker.
OF the clubs you mention, David, Aston Villa was the first to wear the famous claret and blue strip.