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a closed carriage with four wheels and seats for four passengers

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Since early childhood Clarence had concentrated his energies on becoming a footballer, and was now an exceedingly fine goal-keeper.
Oh, Clarence,' she cried, 'my precious angel wonder-child, I don't know how to begin.
A man may be an earl and still a gentleman,' said Clarence, not without a touch of coldness in his voice.
The season during which Clarence Tresillian kept goal for Houndsditch Wednesday is destined to live long in the memory of followers of professional football.
And then, like a meteor, Clarence Tresillian had flashed upon the world of football.
Among the spectators who flocked to the Houndsditch ground to watch Clarence perform there appeared week after week a little, grey, dried-up man, insignificant except for a certain happy choice of language in moments of emotion and an enthusiasm far surpassing that of the ordinary spectator.
Isabel saw little of Clarence during the winter months, except from a distance.
As for Clarence, how easy it would be to haul up one's slacks to practically an unlimited extent on the subject of his emotions at this time.
Forward, the latter held a slight superiority; but this was balanced by the inspired goal-keeping of Clarence Tresillian.
And then, one bright, clear morning, when the birds sang and all Nature seemed fair and gay, Clarence Tresillian developed mumps.
The men from Manchester, freed from the fear of Clarence, smiled grim smiles and proceeded to pile up points.
It is enough to say that Clarence had reached a level of emotional eloquence rarely met with among goal-keepers of the First League, when Isabel broke from him with a startled exclamation, and vanished; and, looking over his shoulder, Clarence observed Mr Daniel Rackstraw moving towards him.
A thousand, if you wish it,' said Clarence, courteously.
All I ask of you,' proceeded Clarence, 'is your consent to my engagement to your daughter.
Now look here, Clarence, I am going to stand your friend, right along, and in re- turn you must be mine.
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