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a group of followers hired to applaud at a performance

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Aptly enough, the final words of Meursault, the atheistic Christ, after crucifixes have been menacingly waved in his face by the examining magistrate and an overzealous priest looking for a premature "confession" remind one of the jeering claques ("multitudes") of Jews recruited against Jesus by the relentless high priest Caiaphas.
Thus, it must be assumed that translations made in Old English and Old High German are indeed different, and the discrepancies are at least partially due to language claques in Old High German.
I can't discount, however, the appeal of the craziness of my adventures--for example, encounters on the road on book tours with hostile crowds and raucous claques.
While that statement alone is sufficient to bring capitalism's various claques shrieking out of their moneyed aeries, looking for bleeding heart liberals to attack, exploring the answer in fact does two things.
The second blast comes with the televised award ceremony - a hurried, faintly glitzy dinner at the Tate with drunken claques for the artists, nervous dealers, and supercilious critics among the kiss-kiss crowd.