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The remaining four questions were little more than political stabs at the president: 1) how can he justify his refusal for a week to accept Khamenehi's reinstatement of Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi, who had been fired by the president; 2) why did he make a statement saying the Majlis was not on top of matters; 3) why does he decline to denounce the "deviating current," the term used by his critics to describe the claque around Ahmadi-nejad; and 4) why did he damage the country's prestige and humiliate Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki by firing him while he was on an official trip to Senegal.
Activist organizations such as the left-wing Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and home buyers would become a political claque pressing their members of Congress to defeat any threat to their benefactor.
By contemptuously overriding the views and interests of the United States in this way, Israel and its American claque debased and discredited American international prestige and regional credibility.
That these artefacts are experienced by a clique, driven on by a claque whose payment is membership to the clique, where some of the women are perceived by some to have less robust moral outlooks, and that they meet in secret places and do the secret things they see codified in fiction, unifies them.
The party has long been the darling of intellectual circles in Western Europe, particularly the Scandinavian countries, and it has a completely voluntary claque of academics and journalists.
II lui arrive d'etre terrorise par un orage, une fenetre qui claque, et de se blottir dans son lit.
Para o primeiro autor, os jornais sao "meios publicos de informacao, de selecao e apresentacao dos fatos que chegam as pessoas, de provimento do conhecimento que determinara sua opiniao e atitude politica", cujo controle e emprego, entendido em termos de "instrumento", esta "nas maos de uma pequena claque de grandes capitalistas, estreitamente ligada em interesses (via a publicidade) aos demais grupos de capitalistas".
55) He similarly denounced 'a loud claque of radio and TV talk show hosts who rail against an "invasion" of foreigners flooding across "porous" US borders in flagrant violation of the law'.
But it evidently pleased his producers and his conservative claque.
It was nearly full, probably near a thousand in attendance, and there was even a claque of public protesters, concerned citizens reciting the Bible up and down outside the entrance during the whole performance.
The first of these is comprised of 13 short articles covering a veritable smorgasbord of disparate topics such as operatic orchestral music, the singing voice, the castrato or male soprano, the operatic claque, concert pitch, elements of music, ballet, the construction of opera houses and scenery, and persons connected with opera.
Kevin Jackson wrote in his Invisible Forms: A Guide to Literary Curiosities: 'Despite enjoying the applause of such a high-megaton claque (Roman Jakobson, Roy Campbell, Thomas Merton, William Boyd, Anthony Burgess, Cyril Connolly, Gabriel Josipovici, P.
McCain gets soft treatment from the claque on his press bus, but the going could rapidly get rough for him.