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It will be those people who have just built up enough money to have a decent standard of living, who bought into all the claptrap of owning their own homes, putting their children through university and investing in their own futures.
we have probably introduced too much management claptrap.
Over a period of time and in some areas we have probably introduced too much management claptrap.
Councils in Wales spend a fortune on bilingual claptrap which we have to pay for and don't even get the opportunity to opt out of, not to mention poor old earth that Coun Curtis is so concerned about.
Your readers might refer to the work of Mason Gaffney, professor of economics at the University of California-Riverside, so that the next time they are in discussion with an academic or an elected representative they are better equipped with some fundamental arguments with which to answer the claptrap we normally hear from their lips
Mr Oppenheimer is to be congratulated on producing not only a fascinating book but a brave one: he challenges the latest government claptrap about 'inclusion' and turns to scientific research to show that the peoples of the British Isles are of different stock.
Neither does glossing over nuclear power issues by calling them hogwash and claptrap.
31 deadline -- an embarrassing brew of self-serving special-interest claptrap that's intrusive, abusive, regressive or downright offensive.
The group is tied to a number of televangelists and relies on religious right revisionist historian David Barton, who peddles claptrap arguing that the United States was intended to be a "Christian nation:' The National Council's curriculum might be fine for a conservative church's Sunday school but it has no place in a public school.
What amazes me," Plested added, "is how many physicians actually believe this claptrap.
The stuff about wanting to play for only one manager is sanctimonious claptrap.
IS it any wonder that church congregations dwindle today and that chapels are converted to bingo halls when christians spout such sanctimonious claptrap as Bill Beales.
The station opted to get its right-wing claptrap the old-fashioned way, by airing Dr.
This latest study is, of course, the same claptrap that we've heard ever since TVs be came a common house-hold appliance; it participates in the venerable, centumes-old tradition of vilifying mass culture ranging from novels to comic books to movies to popular music.