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Synonyms for clapping

a demonstration of approval by clapping the hands together

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You should be ashamed of clapping after apprehending the culprit,' he said.
During their conversation, Cohen asked the couple to comment on Kidman's famous clapping at last year's Oscars.
About ChangeTheClap, she says eunuchs clap whenever they feel pain or whenever they need people's attention then why people make fun of them through clapping.
And he will be nervously awaiting Marriner's interpretation of his clapping gesture with the FA able to increase his punishment if they decide he has breached rules.
And he will be nervously awaiting Marriner's interpretation of his clapping gesture, with the FA able to increase the punishment if they decide he has breached rules.
Another example is to acknowledge and state how you feel at this very moment, then start clapping one clap, two claps, three faster claps, four faster claps, five faster claps.
So, if one teen claps twice, the person who was originally supposed to clap next would have to keep from clapping, and the person on the opposite side would have to clap.
When Menda realized the spider brain reacted to a chair squeak, he and Paul Shamble, a coauthor now at Harvard, started clapping hands, backing away from the spider and clapping again.
After thousands of fans created a proper din at Tuesday night's home game, many of them took to social media to criticise us for pointing out that some fans don't much like the cardboard clappers, which create more volume than conventional hand clapping.
BRITAIN's youngest MP Mhairi Black, 20, has hit out at the Commons banning clapping - but allowing "braying like donkeys".
SNP MPs have promised to sit on their hands after they got told off by the House of Commons Speaker for clapping.
Bercow shot up in my estimation this week when he b*llocked the new intake of yobby SNPs for clapping in the chamber.
So while the baby was not responding to the mother's singing in any way a the clapping motion was real.
I love this football club and I want to go over to them and clap them after a win rather than clapping at them when they are shouting or hollering at me, or throwing their programmes and God knows what else.
While his wife, Elenita, was graciously clapping along with the audience, Binay did not hide his disappointment and refused to play along.