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a percussion instrument consisting of a pair of hollow pieces of wood or bone (usually held between the thumb and fingers) that are made to click together (as by Spanish dancers) in rhythm with the dance

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Disaster strikes: Party-goers on Glasgow Green see Italy's goal in the 70th second; Big day, wee man: A youngster at Hampden; Hoots mon, it's the lassies: The Sunday Mail's Hot-Shot Hamish meets Elaine Fotheringham, from Perth, and her pal Sandi Brannigan, who loved our clappers
If desired, place a line of glitter glue along the edge of the paper side of each clapper.
Slide your thumb through the elastic of one clapper, and your index finger through the second.
Children from poor families would go out with their clappers and would be given hens' eggs.
As well as teaching them local history they also designed and made the clappers.
These bells, although different in shape, size and detail, have the same basic elements: an upside down pot (body of animal), a handle (head) and a clapper (small clay ball tied inside the body).
The finished bells should be allowed to dry until they are firm but not leather hard before attempting to punch the holes that will string the clapper to the inside of the bell.
The clapper can be added by stringing the ball onto an 8[inches] (20 cm) piece of cotton string.
In addition, the carillon's mechanism, frame, keyboard, and bell clappers are being replaced.
In addition, 23 of the current bells will be retuned, and the carillon's mechanism, frame, keyboard, and bell clappers will be replaced.
A performer sitting at the keyboard strikes wooden keys with fists to activate the clappers inside the bells and produce music.
The United States Geospatial Foundation (USGIF), through its recently created James and Susan Clapper Education Initiative Fund, has raised more than $1,600 for area schools to purchase educational materials relating to earth-science studies such as maps, geological tools, compasses, books and related software.
Requests should be mailed to USGIF James and Susan Clapper Education Initiative Fund, 2325 Dulles Corner Blvd.