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photographic equipment used to synchronize sound and motion picture

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The 11in by 9in clapperboard is estimated to sell for between PS3,000 and PS5,000.
Tony said: "Their achievements are a credit to themselves and to all the people involved in the running of Clapperboard.
After 13 years in front of the cameras she moved into television production at Granada in 1968, where she was the brains behind the show, Clapperboard.
In the VFX studio, Year Seven pupil Darren Tobin, 12, got into the part of Spider-Man, classmate Skyla Ward, 11, operated the clapperboard, while other students did the camera work.
The hit BBC2 drama's Twitter account posted a picture of a clapperboard after the final scene, and said: "That's a wrap
Gatiss, co-writer of "Sherlock," posted the photo of the "Sherlock" Special clapperboard on(http://www.
Above the roar of Tornado engines, they assess the value of treasures from a cast-iron spittoon shaped like a turtle to a clapperboard used in the 1969 war classic film Battle of Britain.
TONY MAUDSLEY is the latest actor to be celebrated by the Clapperboard Presents series of events.
The clapperboard has come down on filming for the final episode of Tyneside children's TV drama Byker Grove.
With clapperboard at the ready, the two leading ladies from the Woolpack in Emmerdale and the Aidensfield Arms in Heartbeat stepped out from behind their bars to toast the birthday in style.
But Charles's role will probably be confined to wielding the clapperboard as cameras roll.
And October Road continues this theme, offering James Taylor at his best - these are songs that will have you yearning for that clapperboard house in Connecticut.
And on the clapperboard, alongside my name, that of the director of the movie, Ron Howard, a genuine Hollywood A-lister.
Gatiss posted a teaser video on Twitter of himself holding a director's clapperboard, emblazoned with "Sherlock IV" and telling the camera: "We're back.
The one-off weapons will be put up for sale as part of an auction in November which also includes the clapperboard from the last film in the franchise, The Return Of The King.