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photographic equipment used to synchronize sound and motion picture

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They come together with their teachers, friends and families to display their work and achievements with the chance of winning a Clapperboard Award and to meet their on-screen idols.
In 2011 a camera used to film Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope sold for over $600,000, more recently a Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Clapperboard sold for almost $40,000 and a screen used T.
MOVIE STAR 1 So angelic: Mhairi wows co-stars and director as Daisy, her first film role Picture: VICTORIA STEWART; Action girl: Mhairi holds movie clapperboard with her name on it; Best girl: A reassuring hug from her movie dad Steven Mackintosh; Star pals: Harry Potter star David Bradley shoots a scene with Mhairi; So close: Mhairi hangs out with The Tudors actress Valerie O'Connor
Beginning as a clapperboard boy, he became a film editor in 1930 and by the mid 1930s he was one of the best in his field.
It's a typical little New England town with a white-spired church and traditional clapperboard buildings spread along a 12-mile mountain road which winds through woods up to the slopes.
Last year's winner was Clapperboard Awards, which encourages young people to make films.
Clapperboard collectors - ScreenUsed continues to acquire several clapperboards for each auction since setting selling price records during the last two auctions.
Sadly, there was no sign of genial Chris Kelly, the former Clapperboard and Wish You Were Here.
after working on Zoo Time, Clapperboard and Anything You Can Do?
Wallace, 43, from Crosby will answer questions from the audience at the event, which will raise cash for the Clapperboard UK charity.
Far from the picturesque but basic clapperboard huts occasionally found in Victorian seaside towns, the company's plans are for well-appointed self-catering houses with a 24-hour concierge service.
white clapperboard buildings and fanatically clean sidewalks.
It's full of white clapperboard houses, galleries and little shops - the general store's friendly butcher, Charlie, is a fellow Scot from Possil, Glasgow.
With clapperboard at the ready, the two leading ladies from the Woolpack in Emmerdale and the Aidensfield Arms in Heartbeat stepped out from behind their bars to toast the birthday in style.
And October Road continues this theme, offering James Taylor at his best - these are songs that will have you yearning for that clapperboard house in Connecticut.