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Synonyms for clapper

someone who applauds


a mobile mass of muscular tissue covered with mucous membrane and located in the oral cavity

metal striker that hangs inside a bell and makes a sound by hitting the side


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Clapper continued by saying that the stability of Syria's neighbors is at risk due to the country's prolonged conflict, which will strain regional economies that are forced to absorb millions of refugees.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is an ongoing threat to US national interests because of its support to the Assad regime in Syria, promulgation of anti-Israeli policies, development of advanced military capabilities, and pursuit of its nuclear program," Clapper summarized.
Clapper further said that the premier's standing weakened when he reportedly sought the Pakistani Army's assistance to handle the protracted opposition protests in the second half of 2014.
And it was an unusual role for Mr Clapper, a retired general who does not typically do diplomacy.
A senior administration official said Clapper carried a brief message from Obama indicating that Clapper was his personal envoy to bring the two Americans home.
Asked whether the intelligence community had succeeded in its goal of providing "anticipatory intelligence" about the extremist movement in Syria and Iraq that has declared itself Islamic State, Clapper said his analysts had reported the group's emergence and its "prowess and capability," as well as the "deficiencies" of the Iraqi military.
Clapper, 72, is the first director to hold the post when the annual intelligence budgets are being slashed instead of fattened and in between the biggest intelligence leaks in the history are witnessed.
Clapper said the documents exposed by Snowden have bolstered adversaries, caused allies to curtail cooperation with the United States, enabled terrorist groups to alter the ways they communicate, and put lives of US intelligence operatives at risk.
Clapper says that the longer the Macedonian journey to the EU and NATO is, the graver the threat of rising ethnic tensions becomes.
Provision of vehicles and equipment in 2014Lot 1: Sweeper / Suction ultra-compact (a firm order and a conditional phase);Lot 2: Panelled van October-December m3 + recovery;Lot 3: Farm Tractor with front loader + 2 times;Lot 4: Rotobroyeuse side shoulder;Lot 5: Clapper + front cover;Lot 6: Hedge off arm + recovery
In the cattail marshes of the delta lived the Yuma clapper rail (Rallus longirostris yumanensis), a chicken-sized bird for which the security of the cattails provided places to rest, hunt, and raise their young.
Like Clapper, it's egregious because there's no way to test the probable cause, which requires a neutral magistrate to agree it's more likely than not that a search is warranted.
intelligence chief James Clapper, national security adviser Susan Rice and other officials.
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said such efforts were a "top tenet" of US intelligence policy, BBC reported.