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Synonyms for clapboard

a long thin board with one edge thicker than the other

cover with clapboards

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Vermont Barn I, II and III is a large woodcut from 1993, spread across three sheets of printmakers' paper, focusing again on the clapboard surface of the barn with strange shadows falling across it and is again impressive.
Buildings covered include Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire, the Acropolis, a clapboard house in Rhode Island USA, the Statue of Liberty and St Pancras station.
The curvaceous plan has been rendered clunky while sea-oriented glazing has given way to zinc, and stonework to a curious variety of clapboard that last enjoyed popularity during the settlement of the American frontier.
The aircraft, making an instrument approach in foul weather, slammed into two clapboard houses in a densely populated section of East Haven, with two children - one about a year old, the other 13 - inside one of the homes.
And with its clapboard exterior and New England feel, walking into Loch Fyne is like stepping off the boat in Nantucket in picturesque Cape Cod.
There are picturesque clapboard houses surrounding a village green clothed in snow.
How they will cope I can't imagine because the houses are all made of clapboard.
A settlement of white clapboard houses, White picket fences, Ornate Victorian street lamps, Down the hill, the old church in its eerie darkness, A big misty moon, casting its silvery light Over shingled roofs.
Old homes of New England; historic houses in clapboard, shingle, and stone.
Think seaside, red, white and blue, clapboard, driftwood, thick rope and seashells.
Everything so Martha's Vineyard so clapboard and white cedar
While all of this weatherboard, clapboard and sheathing evolution was going on, developments were also occurring with the other stuff used as infill between the posts and staves.
Cost estimate per square foot to remove existing clapboard siding and install fiber-cement siding:
He arrived at the tiny, white clapboard church with his sons Micheal, 13 and Daniel, 12, mother-in-law, Vanessa Redgrave, and sister-in-law, Joely Richardson.
He arrived at the tiny, white clapboard church with his sons Micheal, 13, and Daniel, 12, mother-in-law Vanessa Red grave and sister-in-law Joely Richardson.