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Synonyms for clapboard

a long thin board with one edge thicker than the other

cover with clapboards

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Satisfied and happy, we stepped out into the car park at dusk and I could almost believe for a split second that I was walking out into Martha's Vineyard to a waiting yacht, the sun set on a New England evening outside my clapboard home.
Vermont Barn I, II and III is a large woodcut from 1993, spread across three sheets of printmakers' paper, focusing again on the clapboard surface of the barn with strange shadows falling across it and is again impressive.
yelled Ethyl, before she was slammed by the kitchen door as the clapboard house broke apart.
With metal, we were able to simulate the residential look of oversized clapboard and board and batten panels," Smith says, adding that the styling was further reinforced through the use of a custom yellow finish and some 34,500 square feet of patina green aluminum roofing.
Think seaside, red, white and blue, clapboard, driftwood, thick rope and seashells.
They are all clapboard with a wooden decked area at the front and most of them have a large stars and stripes flying from somewhere on the front of the building.
These tiny towns, company stores, horse-drawn wagons, whistle stops, and postered clapboard walls were photographed during the Great Depression and the early 1940s but seem 19th century, their poverty not visible as squalor but as plainness, everything pared down and endlessly made to do.
Because of this, we are oriented geographically by our preconceived notions of place: Clapboard houses signify "New England," while a lone utility pole in a vast, flat expanse of land signifies "the Great Plains.
Farah also took to Twitter to announce the start of the filming with a picture of the clapboard with Scene 1, Happy New Year, adding, that she was thankful for all the good wishes and positive energy.
Some remember the clapboard shotgun homes on back streets or the majestic mansions seen from the St.
Canadian Anglicans worship alongside American Episcopalians and other denominations at the Chapel of the Intercession at Llewellyn Beach, a white clapboard church built in the 19th century.
It presents numerous houses--from the thatched houses of Jamestown, medieval buildings of Plymouth and clapboard homes of New England.